Being a third wheel is the absolute worst.

7 Awkward Struggles Of Being Your Best Friend's Perpetual Third Wheel

I didn't choose the third wheel life; the third wheel life chose me.


Being a third wheel is the absolute worst. Every third wheel pretends to be having a good time, but deep down they're crying on the inside.

Yes, as the perpetual third wheel you are happy for your best friend's happiness, but there's something about the third wheel experience that is almost traumatizing (I'm not being dramatic I promise).

Here are 7 awkward and uncomfortable situations all third wheels can relate to:

1. Movie night is the worst


You sit on one end of the couch while they sit on the other end cuddling and giggling and then next thing you know one of them is taking a tequila shot out of the other one's belly button. Oh... that just happened to me? Cool.

2. That awkward convo with the waitress on how to split the check


Uh... yeah they're together and I'm alone. Thanks for reminding me.

3. Lonely walks on the sidewalk


They walk together holding hands meanwhile you're behind them and could get kidnapped at any moment without them ever noticing.

4. You accidentally end up on double dates


If you're hanging out with your bestie and her boyfriend, and he invites a friend you're all of a sudden on a double date that neither you or his friend signed up for.

5. You have to deal with their PDA


At first you deal with it. Then, the more comfortable you get you usually say things like, "ew", "please stop", "get a room", etc.

6. You become their personal photographer


Oh y'all want a picture at this bar? Ok! Want a picture eating ice cream together? I got it! You just want a picture so y'all never forget this moment? Sure. Wait.. why don't either of y'all want pics with me?!

7. They're constantly trying to hook you up with one of their friends


Guys. I deal with this enough from my parents. I don't need this from y'all, too. (Unless he's really hot and actually cool then I guess I'll allow it.)

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