Poetry - thinking too much

Hey readers!

I wanted to talk about overthinking. There are some positive and negative aspects about doing this, but overcoming such an obstacle can be hard. While my writings are novice at best, I want this to serve as a reminder to someone who is second-guessing themselves because they tend to think too much.

Remain calm and consistent; your dreams are closer than you realize. We often question ourselves when met with a situation we are unsure of. However, anything in this life can be accomplished. I am sending good and healthy vibes your way for a prosperous frame of mind!

I wish I didn't overthink so much

Pushing aside ideas

Some, having the potential to be great

Only I stand in the way

I wish I didn't overthink so much

Allowing the doubt to fill in

Silencing any triumph I strived so hard for

In a perfect world,

My thoughts are in moderation

And my soul is lifted

Overcoming this hurdle just as it was given

I think too much,

And in some instances, that's ok

But at what cost if my dreams be delayed?

The same thing plays in my head:

What regret will be bred from all of the time I served

To doubt and its entire here after?

Then, I think about what it would be

Without a fight to give

For I know I think too much

Perfect, I am not

But stop, I simply can't accept

Or maintain

Because here, I'd remain

With nothing but regret

Gripping my brain

Life is hard, this I am aware of

Yet, I am unwilling to

Concede my dreams

To anything and anyone

Maybe it's brash


Risky at best

I know exactly what I say

Take a day

To breathe

And just be

I forget sometimes

That it's all up to me

To lead and take charge

Of my destiny

It's ok to say

'I wish I didn't overthink so much,'

On the days it becomes toughest

Yet, with luck such as this

I do think a lot,

No truer fact remains

But in being kind to myself within it all

Genuine dreams are born again

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