Getting up the morning of is fairly normal, but we all have our traditions when it comes time to prepare food and get everything ready for the festivities.

Here's a rundown of how some of my Thanksgivings have gone in the past, because I currently am looking forward to the one in the near future!

1. Today is the day!

2. I can't wait to see (most of) the family!

3. How long until we eat?

4. Who's saying grace?

5. Are my eyes bigger than my stomach?

6. Nope! Time for seconds!

7. Okay, this time they were a little too big.

8. How am I supposed to finish this?

9. Wow, I'm so full.

10. Actually can't move…

11. Did someone say pie?

12. Of course I saved room for pie!

13. Well I don’t know if my stomach will ever be empty again now.

14. Yes, I will be snacking on those, so you just leave them right there on the counter.

15. Dishes are never ending.

16. Why did we have to use the china again?

17. At least it's all done.

18. We'll have leftovers for days. Maybe months.

19. I'm so tired now.

20. This couch looks comfy.

21. Cousin had the same idea, great minds think alike.

22. Where am I?

23. Oh right, Grandma's house.

24. I wonder if there are any more _____ left.

25. I'm not hungry but I could eat.

26. That was a bad idea. I really shouldn’t have done that.

27. But it was good so, it's worth it.

28. Time for everyone to leave already?

29. Nice to see everyone!

30. Do you want to take any food with you?

31. Glad I'm not driving home, I feel nap number two coming on.

32. The house is so dark compared to the light festivities earlier.

33. Perfect for sleeping though. “Nap” three, here I come.

34. Wait.

35. I forgot.

36. Here comes Black Friday…

Spending time with family and getting to see people who only get to make it together once a year can lift your spirits. I wouldn’t want to miss having the time to spend with them, and I hope everyone gets a chance to spend the holiday with those who matter most. Enjoy the company and the food, and be thankful that you get to do so year after year!