That was once you and I.

It's crazy to think about, isn't it?

A few short months ago, you and I lived completely different lives. It's possible that we passed one another on the street and been nothing more than a face in the crowd without giving one another a second look.

It really was no wonder that we didn't meet. In a place like this, full of thousands of people, it was a one in a few thousand chance. But, sometimes, the things you least expect actually happen.

There's only one explanation for why we met; it was fate.

Fate may not be something you believe in but, to me, it's the only logical explanation. How else could two complete strangers have found each other in a crowd of thousands?

As is the case with any two people who just met, we fell into the small-talk questions. Usually, those questions are cold and monotonous. But, with you it was different. Those questions that had always been dull and boring now seemed like the most interesting thing in the world. It didn't matter what we talked about that night because I knew I didn't want to hear you say goodbye anytime soon.

God knew what he was doing when he destined our paths to cross those many months ago.

To think that we were once strangers is now such a crazy thought. You've slowly become the long lost friend that I never knew I lost.