1. Doorstop

One of the most helpful things I brought to school with me was a doorstop. Not only did it make moving in much easier, but it helps you make friends. For the entirety of September, whenever I was in my room, I left my door open. People would wander in to say hello, because let's face it, everyone wants to make friends at the start of college! Also, keeping the door open helps beat that end of the summer heat.

2. Whiteboard

I ended up buying a whiteboard during my first week of school as a freshman. My roommate and I could write our nicknames on the board so people would know what to call us. This whiteboard went hand in hand with the doorstop because we would write "come on in" on the whiteboard and prop the door open.

3. Drawer Dividers

When you have an 8am class across campus and you wake up at 7:52, it's easy to make a mess in your drawers. Chances are when you get back from that class you will not be in the mood to clean up. Get dividers for your drawers to help keep yourself organized!

4. A Duffel Bag

Most likely at some point you'll get up visiting a friend or family overnight somewhere. You don't want to have to lug a huge suitcase wherever you are going. Make sure you bring a duffel bag with you!

5. A Mini Safe

As much as you may love and trust your roommate, there still may be some things you don't want him or her to find. I got a mini safe to keep some cash and some other valuables in. It fit right in my closet and no one could see it!

6. Notebooks

Trust me, you do not want to be in class and have forgotten to buy notebooks. Get them at home and bring them with you; it will be cheaper that way!

7. "Frat" Sneakers

As much as you want to look nice at your first college party, you do NOT want to ruin a nice pair of shoes. Bring a pair of sneakers that can be your "frat" sneakers. They will end up gross by the end of the year (or the first month of school) but that's what they are for!

8. Foldable Drying Rack

Chances are some of your clothes can't be dried in a dryer. It's hard to find places to hang things to dry in a dorm room if you don't have a drying rack. Buy one that folds so that it doesn't take up a lot of room when you're not using it!

9. Extra Paper Towels

You will be surprised how quickly you will go through paper towels. Enough said.

10. Business Clothes

The ultimate goal of college is to come out of it ready to get a job in the real world, right? So be ready to dress for it! You are never too young to apply for jobs or internships, or even just go to career fairs. You want to be prepared to have the college world crosspaths with the corporate world!

While these 10 things may be things you didn't think to bring with you to school, there will be plenty more. Get yourself an Amazon account and be prepared to make multiple CVS runs in the first month of school! Good Luck!