5 Things You Should Stop Apologizing For By The Time You're 20

It's time to stop apologizing or feeling bad for things. You are an adult and deserve to be treated like one. So here's a few things that you should feel confident about and stop apologizing for by the time you're 20:

1. Sharing your opinions.

You are entitled to your own opinion and you should never feel bad for sharing it.

2. The way you look.

Don't let anyone, even yourself, make you feel bad for not having a perfect complexion or the super fit body that's plastered on every magazine. You are beautiful just the way you are.

3. Doing things different.

Just because no one gets what you are doing or why you are doing it does not make it wrong.

4. Telling people "no."

Learning how to tell people "no" without feeling guilty is a skill that everyone needs to learn.

5. Pursing what you love and letting nothing stand in your way.

This is the time in your life to be a little selfish so don't apologize for making sacrifices to get what you want or to end up where you want to be.

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