Get excited for these activities!

1. The Louvre 

Museum in Paris with a lot of famous paintings.

2. Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a beautiful building with historical statues.

3. Eiffel Tower 

I mean you have to see the Eiffel Tower. I saw it at night when it was all lit up and it was beautiful.

4. Arc de Triomphe

The famous monument that is in the very middle of Paris. You can go on top of it and see the whole city from above.

5. Macarons at Ladurèe

Get the famous, yummy macaroons from the above bakery/restaurant.

6. Bread and cheese

Bread and cheese in Paris is the best bread and cheese you will ever eat. Paris is known for their bread and cheese.

7. O' Chateaú Wine Tasting

The Chateau is absolutely gorgeous- it is a beautiful and large garden, and you can do wine tasting there. Drinking wine while looking at the beauty of nature? Yes please.

8. Mona Lisa

You can visit the real Mona Lisa painting in the Louevre museum.

9. Palace of Versailles

Where the royal family resides some times of the year. It is if course beautiful.

If you ever visit Paris, these are the things you MUST do!