I never realized how long time stretched out, while simultaneously rushing by in a blur — until I started college, that is.

When you're spending every day with all the same people around you, time seems to go by faster. Two weeks felt like half a year. A full month in, and it feels like I've known my friends here for the past seven years of my life.

In a small college like the one I go to, you literally spend every day with the kids around you (so you'd better get along with them all). Luckily, we all get along very well, and we love spending time with each other.

So, after spending almost every single day with them, here are some of the things I've learned about my friends.

1. Who stays up late

You quickly find out who likes to stay up talking and hanging out, and who likes to hit the hay early.

2. Who can cook

This is important. You'll want a friend who can cook, so you're not stuck eating fast food and macaroni and cheese for the next four years of your life.

3. Their family

If you don't meet their family on move-in day, I promise that is not the only chance you'll have to interact with them. You'll talk on the phone with their parents as if they were your own, you'll FaceTime their siblings and maybe you'll even go on a trip home with them.

4. Their friends

You'll meet their friends when they come to visit, you'll be in Snapchats sent to them and you'll hear stories about them nonstop. But it's totally OK because it helps you get to know your new friend more — and what kind of friend they are.

5. What their favorite foods are

When none of you feel like cooking, you'll go out to eat. And you'll quickly find out where they like to eat and what their usual order from that place is.

6. Their schedule

You'll know their schedule like the back of your hand because you'll need to know when they can hang out with you.

7. Who is messy and who's not

Just face the fact that it might be you.

8. Their favorite music genre

You will spend lots of time listening to music in your rooms.

9. What makes them happy/moody

You'll know when they're happy. You'll know when they're not. And you'll know how to comfort them when they need it.

10. If they can focus

You'll learn if they can focus when you do homework together, or if they get distracted daydreaming about Chick-fil-A every five minutes.

11. Their likes and dislikes

You'll quickly learn about your new friends' likes and dislikes. Whether it's about food, movie genres, or something else, you'll learn it all about them — and fast.

It might only be a month, but the friendship will happen fast. You'll learn things about them that you might not even know about your friends at home. That's just something that happens after spending every day with someone.