6 Things You Know To Be True If You Are A Dog Person

6 Things You Know To Be True If You Are A Dog Person

Because dogs are the best

Allison Pericles

Everyone is different, but certain things unite certain groups of people. There are certain things that bind dog people.

1. Wanting to pet dogs you see on the street

Dogs automatically catch your eye. Maybe you cross a street or follow the dog for a couple blocks, because you are determined to pet that dog.

2. Finding dog hair all over everything

I can truthfully tell you all that I have found dog hair all over my clothes, car, and even my laptop keyboard. Shedding is real and it is powerful.

3. Having countless pictures of dogs on your phone

The familiar struggle of trying to find a picture of something, and having to scroll past several pictures of dogs.

4. Being able to automatically guess a dog's breed

It's like some kind of superpower. Upon looking at a dog, you just know that it's a golden retriever-chow chow mix.

5. Feeling like a terrible person after accidentally hurting your dog

There is no worse degree of guilt than the guilt that follows a dog's shrill cry after you accidentally step on their tail. You'll probably say "sorry" a bunch of times until the words run together into a jumbled mess, cry, and maybe even call your existence into question.

6. Always having a best friend

No matter what goes down, your dog is the only one who cannot get mad at you. Dogs are always going to be there for you after a bad day with wagging tails and big doggy smiles.

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