Poetry On Odyssey: The Things You Don't Know

Poetry On Odyssey: The Things You Don't Know

We wander through life basing knowledge on assumptions.


We wander through life basing knowledge on assumptions.

We assume that we know one based on our first impressions,

By the formalities they greet us with.

We assume that we understand someone based on the motive in their eyes.

We assume that we know a person,

Not based on the little things,

But based on the bigger picture.

You assumed you knew everything about me,

But the things you don't know,

The things that you failed to see,

Are the things I wished to exemplify in the eyes of you,

And in the eyes of others.

You didn't see that I tried,

Simple as my attempts may have been.

You ignored the compassion that lay beneath,

By your refusal to let me in.

You forgot that I am still human,

And both your feelings and mine,

Are one in the same.

You assumed you knew everything about me.

Yet there are so many things you don't know,

And you no longer have the chance to learn them.

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A Revival: Greek And Roman Impact On The Renaissance

How Renaissance artists departed from the Gothic style

Just as the Romans were often known as Greek imitators, the artists of the Renaissance took a big interest in ancient Greek and Roman art. Therefore, the Renaissance came to be known as an era of revival, one in which the influence of Greek and Roman art was seen in both art and architecture. Pieces such as the Palazzo Rucellai, David, and Birth of Venus are all noted for being composed of both Greek and Roman elements and styles.

The Palazzo Rucellai stands as a landmark Renaissance palace, designed in 1446 by well-known Italian architects Leon Battista Alberti and Bernardo Rossellino. The humanistic influence of the 15th century is noted in its composition, but most importantly, the structural elements of ancient Rome are incorporated within the structure. The Roman-like arches, pilasters, and entablatures give the impression of strength. The pilasters are composed of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders which are reminiscent of the Colosseum. Just as the pilasters of the Colosseum are used for a decorative purpose, the ones of the Palazzo Rucellai also depart from simply providing structural support.

The David sculpture was created by the notorious Donatello. Donatello was known for his studies of Greek and Roman art, which allowed for him to make a connection between the classical world and the Renaissance. The Greek formula for contrapposto is noted in this sculpture, as his weight appears to be mostly on the right foot while the left leg seems to be more relaxed. The Greek influence is also demonstrated as David is fully nude, which departs from the clothed Biblical figures of the Gothic era and instead resonates Greek conventions. Just as the Greek Kritios Boy is described as “the first beautiful nude in art,” the bronze David was the first freestanding nude of the Renaissance.

The Birth of Venus, created by Sandro Botticelli, also appears to carry Greek and Roman influences into the Renaissance era in which it was constructed. Just like the Roman marble Aphrodite of Menophantos, the Birth of Venus employs the Capitoline Venus pose in which Venus covers her breasts with her right arm and her groin with her left arm. An obvious allusion to Roman art is the use of the Roman goddess Venus as the subject of the painting. The use of classical subject matter is strategical as it appeals to the rich Florentines who patronized such pieces.

The Renaissance is known as the “rebirth” or “revival” of Greek and Roman styles and conventions. Such Greek and Roman influences are well noted in the Italian-made pieces such as The Palazzo Rucellai, which can be compared to the Colosseum, David, which can be compared to the Kritios Boy, and The Birth of Venus, which can be compared to the Aphrodite of Menophantos. It is this revival that is credited with helping European artists and architects depart from Gothic styles, among others, while bringing back notorious Greek and Roman ones.

Cover Image Credit: Artble

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A Million Questions Leftover For My Many Lost Loves

Unanswerable questions to ponder about loves past, present, and future.


How can you claim to love me, yet threaten to leave?

Where do you see your love for me whilst so high up on your pedestal?

Is it possible to love a woman in the midst of her destruction of your own doing?

Have you ever felt the simple joy of existing in my presence, as I did in yours?

Do you know what it's like to be on the brink of losing a lover without knowing why?

Have you tried to convince yourself that it wasn't really over?

Or wanted to take back all you've done to me?

What did you feel when you saw the pain spread across my face?

Does it feel very much like a dream when you picture my face in your mind?

Did you know you would break all your promises as soon as you made them?

When you sought out the perfect woman to replace me, how did it feel to come up empty handed and alone?

Have you ever considered the curious beauty that lies within imperfection?

What makes you think you deserve the perfect specimen of a woman when you are far from perfect yourself?

Weren't you the one who said all of our imperfections are what make us so perfectly perfect?

Why does fear so often rule over our hearts and never courage?

What does it take for a man to fight for a woman who actually wants to be fought for?

How was it so easy to leave after all we've been through?

How was it so easy to inflict the same pain on me that has been inflicted on you?

How was it so easy for you to fall in and out of love with me?

Did you really think it was possible for us to be friends after all of that?

Was I supposed to stand by the sidelines as you searched for another woman?

Why is it that you all pine for the woman who scorn you?

Do you think it's so bad for a woman to finally love you back?

We both said we wish each other the absolute best in our lives, but how could that possibly be true for either of us?

Are you happy that we happened at all?

Where do I stand within your ocean of memories?

Do you remember more than what happened at the very end?

Was it simply not the right time or not the right match?

What does it mean that I deserve better when you continually treated me so poorly?

Do you still remember all the little sweet things I've done for you?

Has any woman ever done them for you since the end of us?

How is your conscience clear following all of your trickery, bullsh*t, and lies?

Can you still think that you're a good person despite all you've done?

How do you come back from that level of vileness?

How could I still love you after all you've done to me?

After all the pain? After all the misery?

How could I still forgive you?

How could I still miss you?

How could I still love you?

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