At the time, it may seem like finals are the worst thing to ever happen to you. But when it seems like the world is falling apart, just remember, there are worse things than finals.

Dining Hall Food

Getting through finals means you're just one step closer to real food again. Soon, you'll get to stuff your face with all the home-cooked meals you can get your hands on.

Being Away from your Friends

The downside of being home for break is not being around your college friends. You go from spending all hours of the day with the same people to not seeing them for four weeks. Don't worry, it only makes you appreciate them more when you see them again in the spring.

Kimye naming their son Saint West

Seriously, why?

When Netflix doesn't have all seasons of the show you're binge-watching

Devoting weeks of your precious time to a show just to be stuck waiting for the next season to come onto Netflix is plain cruel. Maybe even worse than that is not remembering what happened last when it finally does come on.

Stubbing your toe

I don't care what anyone says, this will always be one of the most painful injuries one could incur. Along with paper cuts and hitting your funny bone, no pain will ever be equivalent to this.

The terrifying seconds between dropping your phone and picking it up to see the damage

Everyone knows that the most damage comes from the most insignificant falls. Those few moments before you pick your phone up again are far more stressful than any final ever.

When the DJ cuts a song short

Seriously, just when you start getting into the beat drop and then the song switches, total vibe killer. Too many times have I been caught belting out the rest of the chorus when it gets quiet in between songs.

Reaching into the chip bag, only to realize you've finished all the chips

Nothing is worse than getting ready to enjoy another handful of your delicious chips than finding out YOU ALREADY ATE ALL OF THEM. It's such a disappointment to yourself.

Seeing someone you embarrassed yourself in front of last night at breakfast the next morning...

It's not bad enough to wake up and remember you did this thing that makes you never want to leave your bed, you end up having to face them. Hiding in your oversized sweatshirt usually doesn't work, so there's really no escaping this mess.

Getting up for a morning class just to find out it was canceled

The amount of times I've woken up dreading my 7:30 alarm, showered and made coffee, just to check my e-mail ten minutes before class and find out it was cancelled. You would think by now, that I would learn to check my e-mail before getting out of bed.

Burning your tongue on coffee

Getting too excited for the first delicious sip and then being punished for it...It's just too cruel. Even worse is the blister left on your tongue for the next three days reminding you of your stupidity.

So when you feel like you can't make it through another second of finals week, just remember there are worse things out there. You've made it this far, just hold out for a little longer! Once it's over you're free for a month from all thinking and responsibility!