Things we all do in public, but don't admit. Until now!

(1/4) 6 Embarrassing Things We All Do (Sometimes In Public)

We're finally going to admit them.


We're all human here. Unless technology has evolved and the robots have taken over. But if that thing has not happened, we're still all human. And humans are very similar in terms of our feelings and behaviors. We all feel like there are certain things that we really can't talk about, even with the people closest to us.

Well, it's a new year. And I have decided to kick it off with discussing those things we all do, feel embarrassed about, even though we know we all do it.

1. Smell Ourselves

We all sweat. Even when it's cold outside, some of us, like myself, still seem to sweat. We're also all conscious of how this sweat affects our B.O., and sometimes we have to check if our deodorant is still working. This doesn't just extend to armpits. Sometimes we have to check the chest area and knees.

2. Pop Zits 


We all get acne. Some get it more than others. And sometimes we can't wait to run into a bathroom and get rid of it. So we have to get rid of it in public. I often get blackheads and bumps on my nose and find myself rubbing my nose trying to get rid of them.

3. Adjust our underwear


No one likes wedgies, however, they are inevitable. Especially for us wearing thongs and briefs. So we have to try to get rid of them when they happen. No shame.

4. Smelled our breath


Similar to #1, we are all conscious about how our body smells. And that includes our mouths. Even if you brush your teeth and stay away from smelly foods, it doesn't hurt to do a quick breath check. Especially if you're meeting someone important.

5. Picked our teeth

Okay, maybe this reason is just for me, but I often am conscious about the amount of plaque on my teeth, and whether or not people can see it. I often find myself scraping said plaque away. It isn't unreasonable for someone to pick their teeth after eating to make sure you don't have any leftovers in between your teeth.

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Summer In College Is For More Than Just Working

No, you're never to hold to have fun in the summer.


There should never be an age where you stop having fun in the summer. The weather is nice, there are always things to do, and everyone is just naturally happier. So, regardless of whether you're 7 or 21, I'm talking to you.

During the year it can be hard to find a routine unless you are a very put together person. Sadly, I am not. Even when I tell myself I'm going to eat healthily, work out, and stop procrastinating, I usually don't follow through with that. At school, I find myself in somewhat of a constant catch-up mode. When I feel like I'm ahead on my homework or studying, that usually means I'm behind on being healthy in other aspects of my life. That is why I love summer. It's a chance to reset the clock for a second and catch your breath.

I get that having an internship or working is important for your post-graduation life, but having fun is important for your college years too. When you get a job in the real world, summer is going to look a lot different for you. That is why it's best to take advantage of the time now. This doesn't mean turning down that work experience, it means doing things other than just working.

First things first is finding a hobby you enjoy that you don't do at school. Pick it up for a little over the summer. Why not? For me, this is yoga. For whatever reason, I find myself too nervous to attend yoga classes at school. I have absolutely no reason to be anxious about doing something I like, but I am so I take the time to attend a few classes a week in the summer.

Secondly, try reading. Before you make that look of disgust on your face, think about the last time you read a book of your choosing. If it was recently, then kudos to you for managing your time well enough to do that. If you are not that person, then hello! I am talking to you. I am not a fan of reading because I usually associate it with homework. However, I find that when I have the time to browse the book section of a store for a few seconds, I find multiple books that jump out at me. During the summer I take the opportunity to read a little here and there. The nice part of leisure reading over school reading is that there's no deadline. You can read what you want when you want to.

Finally, learn something new. Again I usually associate learning with things that I am required to learn for my major. Learning something new that interests you is a different kind of rush. When I'm bored in class, I make bucket lists of little things I want to learn about. They can be big or small. One time I wanted to learn how to knit. Don't ask me why my 19-year-old self thought it would be sweet to sit on my porch in the summer knitting, but I did, and I'm kind of sad I didn't pursue that interest. When might I ever have time to learn how to knit again?

These might sound like quirky things to do, but you're young. Make a bucket list and try to cross one thing off each weekend. If you're like me, then you're a little scared of growing up. Scared you won't be able to accomplish all the things you want to. But, the fact of the matter is no one is going to make you accomplish them but you. So, take some initiative and do them. Summer is for more than just working; it's time to live a little and reset the clock.

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'Take It Easy'

Song by the Eagles, Cover by Dom Arena

Again this is another one of those songs that was payed on all car rides and throughout my childhood by my mother. She is a huge fan of The Eagles and definitely passed that taste of Southern rock and roll. I'm also going to dedicate this article to one of my guardian angels, my uncle Anthony, who used to rock this song out at all the family parties and all the OBX trips we'd take. This Eagles song and The Beatles 'Ticket to Ride' are the songs he played that i can remember the best, although he could really play anything.

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