Ridiculous Things We All Did As Kids, Don't Even Deny It

Ridiculous Things We All Did As Kids, Don't Even Deny It

Do you remember the unpleasant things you did as a child?

Do you remember the unpleasant things you did as a child? By now, you probably have something in your mind and laughing about it for what you have done as a kid. Regardless of whether you were modest, pulled back self-observer, you presumably experimented limits in some unique forms as a little kid. Of course, I have done it, too. Possibly you tried to straight up your dog's tail but you weren't succeeded, or you wanted to paint a wall with your marker. Most of us might have a gigantic list of what "funny" things we have done. Sometimes you realize that you did it in retrospect, but it was pretty messed up.

As a child, you embrace current circumstances, and your curiosity is limitless. Most of the time, you don't feel regretful about what you have done, even until today. Whenever I try to remember the world-class achievements that I have accomplished as a kid, I laugh like a loon. Hence, I want to share some of them with you today.

1. You told an elegant lie to your sibling

This one was one of my favorite of all time. Either to scare my sibling or just to upset them, I have made up some random stories about ghost based on movies and fairytales. For instance, I saw something weird last night when I was playing in my backyard, etc. Also, telling some made up science facts was fun, too.

2. You prank called random people

Well, when you are just four years old, you don’t understand what a prank calling is? You are just curious and want to figure out what does this device can do for you. I spend hours holding a phone in my hand, but no one responded. Later, I realized that I had to press some buttons to talk with someone. So silly. Fortunately, I didn’t call cops as you might have seen other kids calling 911 and asking for help to do their Math homework or to talk about how was their Disneyland trip.

3. You lit random things on fire or broke them into pieces

When my mom finds something broken in the house, I was the first person that she would ask about it. Well, I wasn’t the one who always broke something, it was my cousin. In fact, I was the one who used to fix things if I have broken something out of curiosity. Nothing appears to be risky as a child, yet you presumably knew this was unsafe.

4. You played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

Bingo! You just realized that you had done it, too. Show me yours is one of the most common tricks that most us have played with our friends. Maybe you never showed what you got in Christmas gift from your classmate for instance.

You may have exposed your friend by telling his secret to everyone in the class, or you may have taken a ride from a stranger because you thought it wasn’t a big deal. Also, you may have run around your neighborhood naked to show your muscles after doing two half push-ups every day last week. The list goes on and on. As I said earlier, you might feel embarrassed or just laugh about it.

All in all, it’s all good memories, at least I’m hoping. You should have learned a lesson from it if you had to learn. Alright, see you next week!

Cover Image Credit: Dhruvil Patel

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