Finals week is a scary and stressful time for so many students right now. All of the exams and quizzes the professors may throw at you beforehand, the endless hours of studying, sleepless nights, feeling like you're a failure. It's all a never-ending cycle. But here are just 5 reminders to keep you going during this hectic time.

Please get some sleep.

I promise you that you will probably not do so hot on your finals if you choose not to sleep and cram all of the information in that night. Also, you'll most definitely feel terrible, and it is extremely unhealthy. Take care of yourself.

You're good enough.

No grade will define you or your worth. You matter and all you can do is your best.

Give yourself a few breaks to cool down.

Whether it's some exercise or a 20 minute nap, give yourself some time away from the laptop or the books. It's okay to take a break and try to de-stress.

Everything is going to be okay.

Whatever the outcome is, you're not alone and you will come out of this. Hopefully you learned a lot and did everything you could to get some good grades. But if you tried and didn't get the grades you wanted, it happens, and maybe you just need to try again! And don't be ashamed of that.

Don't give up!

You got this! Don't give up on yourself! Ask for help, do more research, study hard!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, I wish you the best of luck with all of your final exams and wish you a great, safe summer!