10 Things To Do During Those Long Holiday Car Rides

The only thing to really hate about the holidays is the long car rides. You're just sitting in the back seat of your mom and dad's car with just your sibling to keep you company. Whether you are visiting friends, family, or just have to be somewhere, there are ways to stay entertained.

Here are 10 things to do during those long holiday card rides:

1. Navigate.

Keep your family on track so there are no wrong turns that make your car ride even longer.

2. Jam out to music. 

This keeps you awake and you don't even realize the time is passing.

3. Play games.

Alphabet game, license plate game, ispy, it's all up to you.

4. Gossip.

The good kind, not the talk behind peoples' backs kind. Just to keep the mood fun and the laughs rolling.

5. Watch Vines.

At least you'll be laughing for hours if anything else. They go so quickly, you don't even realize it has been 20 minutes by the time the first video sequence ends on YouTube.

6. Ask questions.

Just ask anything and everything you've ever wondered about the world, life, your family, something you read. Just anything.

7. Reminisce.

Talk about past memories and experiences from college. Telling stories is the best way to bond and keep a good mood.

8. Make future plans.

Just because you're on your way somewhere with your family right now doesn't mean you can't make your plans for the next break already.

9. Knit/do crafts.

Just a little something to pass the time and have something to show for it after. Or pick up a new skill.

10. Eat something.

Pack snacks, find new places to stop, just stay full so you're not so hangry during the ride.

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