6 Things That Need To Happen In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

This December, the Skywalker saga comes to an end. As a big fan of Star Wars, I am both excited and nervous. I'm hoping for a satisfying conclusion, and in order for that to happen I would like some things on this list to come true. I know Star Wars can make amazing movies, so I have faith in the writers and the amazing actors to give all the fans the film of their dreams!

1. Anakin and Obi Wan to appear as a force ghosts


As this is likely the last time they can appear in a Trilogy film, make it happen writers! It wouldn't be logical for them not to show up, because as force ghosts they can appear to anyone. Especially if Rey is a Skywalker (or a Kenobi), they should be there for their relative. Plus, it would make the movie more meaningful if they are in it, just as it was with the other original characters having parts in the past films.

2. Finn and Rey to end up together


They are The Love Story of this movie, and they should be endgame. They've had great development so far, especially in The Force Awakens. Their chemistry was phenomenal in that film and I really miss their dynamic with each other. If nothing else, I hope they spend majority of the movie together. Peanuts forever!

3. Finn to find his family


Finn is a great character and he deserves to have a good ending where he meets his family.

4. Rey to defeat the First Order


The First Order needs to end, and Rey should be the one to stop them as the hero of the story. I think if the story picks up later with a new trilogy, it should have a new evil to defeat. This saga should finish with Rey and the other characters getting a win.

5. Finn to be force-sensitive


Finn is destined to be a Jedi. The Force Awakens already showed that he is force sensitive, and good with a lightsaber. I think it would be really great if he has the Force!

6. Rey is a Skywalker


This is what the story has been leading to all along, especially with the title The Rise of Skywalker. It's meant to be!

Here's wishing on the Force that all of your wishes for this movie come true!

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