Things To Focus OnOther Than The Election

Things To Focus OnOther Than The Election

Open your eyes to all the good happening around you

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With the past election, it's the only thing we see on social media now. Whether its good or bad, its all the talk. However, a good majority of it are bad comments or funny memes and videos. While some may think it's OK to post these things, sometimes there's a line you can't cross and people have been doing that. Whether you agree or disagree with the results, we need to stop spreading hate, accept what has happened, and move on with our lives. Once you stop thinking about the elections, you'll have opened your eyes to other things going in the world. So here are 15 current news stories happening to get your mind off of the elections.

1. Toys R Us has opened stores for 'Quiet Hour' to accommodate kids with autism

Toys R Us now opens one hour early so that kids with autism can browse the shelves without the distraction of bright lights or loud noises.

2. A groundbreaking new blood test has a 90% success diagnosing concussions

Now you can get blood drawn within 72 hours after an injury and scientists will measure your metabolites to see if any distinct patterns have occurred. This breakthrough will make the process easier and possibly more accurate than ever before.

3. A NFL player spends his week giving books and reading to kids

Malcolm Mitchell uses his bye week to read to children throughout the Savannah-Chatam County public school system in Savannah, Georgia and he donates 3,700 copies of his new children's book "The Magician's Hat."

4. A candy theft victim is rewarded by his car being filled with Kit Kats

Hunter Jobbins, a freshman college student, had only a Kit Kat stolen from his car. He then tweeted about it, which ended up being viewed by the Kit Kat headquarters. They then sent him 6,500 Kit Kats which Hunter then passed out to fellow college students and used the hashtag #KitKatsForEveryone

5. Young girl uses google translate to become friends with a new student

10-year-old Raphael recently started school in Temecula, California, after previously living in Mexico. Amanda Moore, another student at the school, noticed he was sad so she used google translate to write him a note saying: "Would you like to sit with me today? Look for me and I will show you where I sit. We can color or simply tell scary stories. Thank you for your time."

6. The U.S added 161,000 jobs

This now brings the unemployment rate down to 4.9%

7. A man surprised his dog by dressing up as her favorite chew toy

Ben Mesches dressed up as a life sized Gumby doll and the golden retriever couldnt' contain her excitement,.

8. A promise to his father, a son goes to his father's graveside and listens to the Cubs' game

This father and son made a pact that they would watch the cubs win the world series game together. It took 36 years, but the son wasn't going to break that promise. The morning of the game, the son drove from North Carolina to Indiana and sat by his father's graveside with a portable radio and flashlight to listen to the tremendous win.

9. A college student recycled hotel soap to save thousands of Cambodians from disease

Samir Lakhani went to Cambodia one summer to build fishponds with an NBO called Trailblazer Cambodia Organization when he saw a mother washing her child with laundry detergent. This then gave him the idea to create his organization called Eco-Soap Bank which recycles soap from hotels to provide for the less fortunate.

10. An airline pilot surprised his girlfriend with a mid-flight proposal

Dooley Ellis, a pilot, asks his girlfriend to marry him over the loudspeaker and then came out of the cockpit to see her. With flowers and a ring, he got down on one knee and asked the question again in person and of course she said yes.

11. A pit bull rescued from abuse was showered with love from the police who saved her

A pit bull was found very abused and spent about 6 months in an animal hospital, but now she is up for adoption. She's been in the adoption shelter for a while, so some New York police officers took her out to a dog park, she got to ride in a police van, got lots of belly rubs, and was treated to some pup-cakes.

12. A boy mowed lawns all summer to buy a gravestone for a father he never knew

Brandon Bakke, an 11-year-old adopted boy, asked about his biological parents but unfortunately they discovered it was too late for him to meet his biological father. He asked his mom if he could go visit his biological fathers grave but apparently there was no gravestone because the family couldn't afford one. Brandon mowed lawns to raise the money and when he finally raised enough money, he called the gravestone company to purchase a stone, but after hearing his story they gave it to him for no cost. Now Bakke continues to mow lawns and shovel snow with a business he calls "Mowing and Blowing for a Purpose." The majority of what he makes goes to a memorial-stone fund he set up for families who can't afford gravestones.

13. Students with disabilites have the opportunity to be on the cheer team at Pleasant Valley High School

In 2008, they started a cheer team of girls with and without disabilities and has now grown into a nonprofit organization called "The Sparkle Effect." This organization brings in trainers at schools to help kids with disabilities be on sports teams which has led to bigger things such as drama blue, newspaper staff, choir, etc.

14. Website lets you donate to the homeless

A website called HandUp lets you donate to the homeless in an easier and more personal way. HandUp partners with organizations that serve homeless populations. They have the homeless sign up for an account and have them tell their story. This lets people donate but also create a personal connection.

15. Neighbors come together to bring an early Christmas to a woman with terminal cancer

Michelle Fadel was given the news that her cancer has spread and nothing was going to help, but all she wanted to do was celebrate Christmas as soon as possible. Her husband along with 12 of their neighbors put up Christmas decorations. People also brought her cookies and cards and she couldn't had been happier.

After reading all of these great things going on in the US, it should really be a wake up call for you. You are no different than the person you were before the elections. Agree or disagree, one person can't change our morals and values. All I ask is for everyone to keep an open mind and to stop spreading the hate.

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