I did not enjoy a cookout on Memorial Day. The relaxing holiday afternoon I was looking forward to spent over at my boyfriend's house was canceled on account of his basement flooding. Additionally, for the rest of the week, that basement became his family's main project. The house where I currently live does not have a basement so it has been a couple of years since facing a predicament like this. However, I did lend a hand and, unfortunately, knew what to expect.

1. Lots Of Cleaning


From pumping out water with those special vacuums and bailing it all out to scrubbing out the mold, a flooded basement means hard work lies ahead.

"Beau's" basement, unfortunately, had a carpet so getting rid of all the water was pretty much impossible. No matter how much we took that water-sucking vacuum to the

2. A Mold Problem


Mold and mildew thrive in wetness, which a flooded basement has plenty of. It was clear there was mold under the carpet from the musty smell, which could be smelled from upstairs before the soggy carpet was removed. Since my family had dealt with a flooded basement and its aftermath before, I suggested getting rid of the carpet first, which my boyfriend's family ultimately made the decision to do. The owner of the house wanted to steam the carpet first rather than tear it out but was later convinced to go along with everyone else's suggestion of taking the carpet out. In a couple of days, the carpet will start to stink, and if there is mold in the air, it is a bio-hazard to breathe that. My boyfriend's brother and friends worked on getting rid of the old carpet and had to clean the bare floor thoroughly to get rid of all that mold.

3. Loss Of (Possibly Nostalgic) Possessions


Any items such as boxes (Unfortunately, there were plenty of those in the storage room and in my boyfriend's closet in the basement.) got soggy and even soaked through to some of the items inside. Through this unfortunate process, I definitely learned my guy is such a pack rat! There were a ton of nostalgic items and old artwork that he should have taken better care of, books that were on the floor at the time of the flood, and items in the storage room that are likely to get thrown out due to water damage, mold, and mildew.

When my family's basement was flooded way back when we lost plenty of items like books (Paper gets mildew when it gets wet.) and Christmas ornaments. There was no carpeting but any floor rugs also had to be thrown away.

4. Avoiding The Basement For A While


During the new-floor project, the basement was avoided because it is considered as a biohazard. Those pulling out the carpet wore masks in order not to breathe in the mold. "Beau's" room is in the basement so he has been camping out in the living room for a week. The couch has not done any favors for his back.

This was also the case with my family's flooding ordeal. (The one time we were in ankle deep.) We got black mold and had to stay out of the basement until we had it aired out.

5. Plans May Be Put On Hold


Because of the quantity of water that entered my boyfriend's basement, Memorial Day was canceled. My "Beau's" brother came to visit for the holiday weekend only to be put to work on the necessary project. There are more important things to do than grill hot dogs- like bail water out of the basement. Aw, well, there is always the Fourth of July for that!