It's the day that I have been anticipating for what seems like my entire life: my twenty-first birthday. I used to beg my mom to let me drink sparkling grape juice out of a “real” wine glass so that I could feel grown up just like her. I wanted to try all of the colorful and pretty drinks at restaurants rather than sipping on my Shirley Temple.

Then I hit my high school days and actually had the nerve to try all of the things that I had been seeing adults drink for years. My friends and I sneaked the occasional Natty Light out of our parents fridge and gagged at the taste. I remember thinking, “This is what I have been waiting to try all of this time?!” The senior parties came along too and we all puked our guts up to the new “Lime-A-Ritas” that everyone seemed to be consuming at the time.

Then college came along, and partying in your friend's basement or garage wasn’t the cool thing to do anymore.

It was all about getting into the bars. So of course the hunt for a fake ID was a priority and consuming the most amount of alcohol the typical college student budget could buy.

Now that my twenty-first is actually approaching and I can’t believe it's finally here, these are the twenty-one things I hope my twenty-first year of life brings me.

1. A DRINK… obviously.

I know this is slightly cliche but I just want to be able to enjoy a drink with my fellow twenty-one-year-old friends, okay.

2. Peace of Mind

I cannot wait to finally be twenty-one so that I can enjoy a glass of wine at dinner or even a shot of Patron at the bar without fear.

3. Not Holding My Friends Back Anymore

Finally being twenty-one means finally not being the baby of the group anymore. So now I can finally go out with my friends that are already twenty-one and not have to worry about not getting into the bar and ruining the night for the group that I am with.

4. Being Able to Buy a Bottle of Wine for Myself

After a long night of work, nothing sounds better than a nice glass of wine to relax. Once I am finally twenty-one I will be able to walk into the store after a double at work and by myself a nice big bottle of Moscato.

5. Buying Alcohol as a Gift

Everyone likes alcohol for the most part right? No better gift than a nice bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer for any occasion. Finally being twenty-one means finally being able to give the gift of alcohol.

6. Drinking with Family

Being twenty-one means finally getting to go out with your siblings, cousins, parents, aunts/uncles and etc. without feeling awkward that you are not legal yet.

7. The Casino, Baby

The Casino is definitely one the hardest places to get into if you are not twenty-one so its one of the best places to finally experience as a twenty-one-year-old… and possibly win some extra cash too.

8. Winery and Brewery Tours

Getting to experience the world of tours of alcohol facilities and seeing how it is made is definitely something to look forward to as a twenty-one-year-old. Being able to try several different types of wine and beer and discovering new flavors is an experience like no other.

9. Holidays

It seems like almost every holiday in The United States revolves around alcohol and a long day filled of drinking with friends and family. Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and several other holidays throughout the year seem to be much more fun as a “twenty-fun” year old.

10. Officially Being an Adult

It seems that so many things besides legally drinking require you to be twenty-one years old. So once I am officially twenty-one I can book myself a hotel room, cruise, or even a car without the consent of someone else.

11. Going on Trips

Several vacation destinations allow so much more to do for people who are twenty-one years old. Vegas, Miami, New York just to name a few that contain some of the most extravagant bars that require you to be twenty-one to enjoy.

12. Napa Valley

The vineyards in Napa Valley are some of the best in the world and contain America’s most beautiful wineries. Being twenty-one means having an excuse to book a once in a lifetime trip to Napa Valley and experience the beauty it has to offer.

13. Bottomless Brunch Mimosas

What is the best cure for a Sunday morning hangover? Bottomless mimosas of course!

14. Partying On & Off the Party Bus

Just because you aren’t twenty-one doesn’t mean that you can’t go on party buses… it just means you can’t get off the bus with all your friends once you arrive at the bar. Finally being twenty-one means partying on and off the party bus without fear.

15. More Opportunities to Wear Cute Outfits

No better place to show off your sexy new mini skirt and crop top than in a dark bar where everyone is blacked out and won’t even remember it anyway. But hey! That’s what Instagram is for right?

16. Meeting New People

Finally being twenty-one means that you have a whole new pool of places that you can go now therefore a whole new pool of people to meet. Being twenty-one offers so many more opportunities to make new friends and meet people that you would have never had the chance to meet before.


Being able to legally quench your thirst on thirsty Thursday and going out to all of the college bars. Pre-gaming the night with margs then shooting shots to try to forget about Friday am classes are all parts of being twenty-fun in college.

18. Whipping Out Your ID with No Fear

Everyone knows that queasy feeling of pulling out your fake ID and praying that it doesn’t get taken. But being twenty-one means whipping out your freshly acquired horizontal ID without worrying about getting kicked out of the bar.

19. No More Under Age Drinking Tickets!!

Is there actually anything worse than getting an underage drinking ticket and having to pay a fine? The answer is no.

20. Concerts & Sports Games

Nothing says a good time like paying $11 for a beer and watching your favorite band or sports team.


FINALLY. Once I am twenty-one no one can take that away from me! I have worked really hard these past twenty-one years to finally make it to this day okay! I am here and I am ready to party, watch out world.