5 Things To Do On A Friday Night

5 Things To Do On A Friday Night If Frat Parties Aren't Your Scene

Not everyone enjoys Frat parties and that is not a problem. There are plenty of other options.


Going back to school means parties on a Friday night and plenty of fraternities offering you a dose of crazy nightlife, but not every person is into that. Frat basements are sweaty and sometimes just not the move. Here are five things to occupy your time on a Friday night.

1. Go see a Movie


There are so many good movies out right now and with awards season coming into full swing it shouldn't be too hard to find a movie everyone has been talking about or a hidden gem in theatres.

2. Half off Apps at Applebee's


The best deal for a meal. Taking your friends out to Applebee's is a fun way to spend time with each other and get grub.

3. ​Netflix Binge


Whether you're Netflix and chilling or watching Gossip Girl by yourself. Netflix has plenty of movie and television options for a night in.

4. Go to a House Show

Jacqueline Napier

If your college is near a city, odds are there is a music scene. Facebook has plenty of house show events online. The music is always live and you might discover some new nearby artists.

5. Study, Do Homework, Get That Degree


There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in and getting your work done. You pay for your education so grinding for that degree should be a given.

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An Open Letter To The Boy That Broke Me

I finally learned who I am and what I deserve.


Dear _____,

It's been almost two years since I worked up the strength and the courage to leave you, but some things from you still haunt me to this day. You haven't tried to contact me since November, but I feel like I constantly have to watch my back in the library, in the dining halls, at work, just to make sure that I don't have you watching me from afar.

We were only 15 when you asked me to be your girlfriend. Fifteen. If only I knew the things that you would put me through for the next four years. If only I knew the absolute heartbreak and sadness that would be awaiting me.

Things were so great in the beginning. We were best friends. We did everything side-by-side. So many milestones were met while we were together. Getting our learners' permits, then our licenses. Singing duets together at voice recitals. Applying to colleges, getting our acceptances, choosing where we were going to school. Graduating and then moving down to college.

But I should have known better. We weren't going to live happily ever after.

There were warning signs from the very beginning. 6 months into our relationship I caught you texting an ex-girlfriend. I ignored it. Two years in, I found out that you cheated on me with someone who claimed she was my friend. I forgave you. Three years in, you broke up with me right before we moved into college, just to continue to watch my every move to make sure that I didn't do something you didn't like. You said you didn't want to meet anyone else, that you wanted to marry me. But then why did you find a new girl, not even a week after leaving me and breaking my heart?

You kept me on a string. I would've done anything for you just to make you happy. I was dependent on you, and it never should have been that way. The constant lies, emotional abuse, and manipulation caused me to lose sight of who I was completely. I didn't even know who I was anymore. I used to be so carefree and happy before you got ahold of me. I never even realized how much power you held over me until I escaped you and our toxic relationship.

You told me you loved me and that you gave me everything and I gave you nothing in return. You told me that I never tried hard enough and that I was selfish. You said that you would love me no matter what. But you didn't love me the way that I deserved and wanted to be loved.

Real love is genuine, compassionate, unconditional, and true.

You didn't love me like that. You wanted control over me. You didn't want anyone else to have me. You felt as if you owned me. I didn't deserve that, but I was too naive, too scared to leave you because I didn't know who I would be without you.

The worst thing that you did was make me feel as if I was unworthy of love.

You told me that nobody would ever care for me like you do. You said that I will never find someone else who will take the time to love me and know me as much as you did. You made me feel absolutely worthless, heartbroken and lost. I don't know if I will ever be able to fully forgive you for the way you made me feel.

I just want you to know, that I am finally happy. I never needed you. All you did was break me. Tear me down. Make me feel as if I wasn't good enough for you or for anybody else. Now, I know who I am. I'm no longer scared of loving again and opening up to someone. I have found someone who loves me in the most beautiful way possible. Someone with the purest, sweetest, and most compassionate soul. He lifts me up and helps me grow and be successful and become the very best, strongest version of myself.

And you know what? That's what I deserved all along.



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Starbucks Is Cancelling Straws, But I Have A Better Idea

A business plan for Starbucks that would be 100% more effective than getting rid of plastic straws


I find it fascinating that as our Earth has twelve years left before being majorly threatened by Carbon Dioxide and the biggest stride big corporations think they can make is doing away with plastic straws. One of the main companies that have gone public about making this change is Starbucks. Still, as I walk around campus and see girls with their Starbucks cups full of acai refreshers and iced coffees, I see a green plastic straw and a plastic cup. If we're trying to create a sustainable society, why are we so concerned with plastic straws when single-use plastic cups haunt our lives every single day and even more frequently than straws. If Starbucks were so willing to save the environment they would draw their focus to all plastic products and not just straws. Now many may think, how would we even solve this problem and I have a solution. I'm not saying my idea is the be all end all that will 100% work, but it is a thought.

So my idea is to offer Mason Jars or cups to serve drinks inside Starbucks. For people who are on the go, offer them to buy the reusable travel cups and if they bring it back, they are gifted with an exclusive reward program. It just seems like something along these lines would help make a bigger step in reducing the Starbucks carbon footprint than getting rid of plastic straws (which seems to still be a work in progress). It upsets me so much that a company striving to be sustainable posed such a small stride as a huge accomplishment. I want big corporations to stop using sustainability to gain clout unless they are actually doing something extremely effective that will actually help to make an active change in the saving of our environment.

Hearing about the amount of time we have left until this world is at risk, makes me fearful that more of these companies will play along as friends to the environment when in reality a change in one plastic product will not help the years and years of carbon emissions and trash buildup that is present in our world. I love visiting local coffee shops where you're given a ceramic mug or glass cup, but a Starbucks is so much more accessible than most local places. Until the easy access stores and companies make sustainability easy for a mass of people that aren't aware of this arising problem, we'll never fix the problem. My biggest wish is that these changes can happen soon because there is only one Earth. Let's celebrate and accept sustainability because it is the future.

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