5 Things To Do On A Friday Night

Going back to school means parties on a Friday night and plenty of fraternities offering you a dose of crazy nightlife, but not every person is into that. Frat basements are sweaty and sometimes just not the move. Here are five things to occupy your time on a Friday night.

1. Go see a Movie


There are so many good movies out right now and with awards season coming into full swing it shouldn't be too hard to find a movie everyone has been talking about or a hidden gem in theatres.

2. Half off Apps at Applebee's


The best deal for a meal. Taking your friends out to Applebee's is a fun way to spend time with each other and get grub.

3. ​Netflix Binge


Whether you're Netflix and chilling or watching Gossip Girl by yourself. Netflix has plenty of movie and television options for a night in.

4. Go to a House Show

Jacqueline Napier

If your college is near a city, odds are there is a music scene. Facebook has plenty of house show events online. The music is always live and you might discover some new nearby artists.

5. Study, Do Homework, Get That Degree


There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in and getting your work done. You pay for your education so grinding for that degree should be a given.

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