10 Last-Minute Things College Girls Do Right Before They GO BACK

As per usual, summer as flown by, and it is now time to head back to school.

You blinked and all of a sudden it was July. You probably feel like you've done absolutely nothing this summer and can't believe its time to go back already. Although you've been counting down the days a little part of you probably isn't ready to leave just yet because you have not gotten all your last affairs in order yet. It's time for panic mode.

Here are 10 things you do before going back to college:

1. Eat at all your favorite food places from home.

You will spend a few days stuffing your face in pizza, bagels, and chicken parm from your favorite Italian restaurant. It’ll almost be like you’re mourning a loss.

2. Have a last hooray with your friends.

This could be a slumber party, a night out at the bar, or even just a simple fam dinner. Either way there will be lots of alcohol and lots of dancing.

3. Shop.

What's a new school year without some new clothes? You will probably take at least 17 trips to the mall to get yourself a new wardrobe for school, meanwhile you will most likely hate everything you bought and never wear it.

4. Procrastinate packing.

You will probably wait till the very last minute to start packing and you will panic and probably cry.

5. Clean out your whole entire room.

Its like spring cleaning except its back to school cleaning. You do this mainly so your parents don't get mad that you left your room a mess for them to clean. You also do this because when Thanksgiving rolls around, you're gonna want to come home to a squeaky clean room.

6. Count out all the money you saved this summer.

Most college students will work the whole entire summer so when its time to go back to school they won't have to scrape pennies together at the bar just to get themselves a beer. There is a good chance thought you dipped into this fund half-way through summer and you're back to being young, dumb and broke.

7. Enjoy your last home cooked meal.

Nothing is worse than campus food or even having to make your own food because as college students we are nothing but lazy. Going away to college really makes you appreciate the luxury of a home cooked meal. So don't forget to ask your parents to make your favorite dinner where you will probably eat twice what you weigh.

8. Have a last night for yourself and your bed.

This will be a special night because there is no better place than your bed from home. You will get into bed early, binge watch Netflix and soak in all the comfy.

9. Say goodbye to your parents.

Yes, this will be sad leaving your parents, but come one you can't wait to be a free bird again. Eating pizza at 4 a.m. and getting to leave your room a mess without having any nagging.

10. Say goodbye to your pets.

This is by far the hardest goodbye. You almost feel like you are betraying them by leaving them for so long. Don't worry though because your pets know your loyalty and it won't be long until they're getting you at the door again.

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