Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the east coast of the United States was hit was a large snow storm. Being on the east coast, specifically the midwest region in Ohio, I definitely got hit with that snow storm. The Friday before, my mom even went to the grocery store to make sure that we were set for the storm itself because we knew that we probably were not going to leave the premise of the house.

In preparations for what could be coming in the future of another potential snow storm, here are a few things that you should make sure that you have in your home to be prepared for a snow storm.

1. Warm clothes

You never know if your heater breaks suddenly.

2. Portable charger

In case the power suddenly goes out.

3. A book

Or two, or seven, I have a lot of books that I got from Christmas.

4. A few board games

Again, for if that power goes out and nothing is really working in a sense.

5. DVDs

Because again, if your power goes out and you can't watch television, got to have some movies or tv shows on DVD at hand.

6. A surplus of food

My mom went shopping the day before the storm was supposed to hit and throughout the weekend, we just cooked our meals.

7. Leftovers

If you have food from a few days before and they are still are fresh, plus you don't want to cook, then leftovers are for you.

8. Fuzzy socks

Because who wants cold feet? Plus, it's fuzzy socks!

9. A fully charged laptop

In case you need to do some work or you just want to watch YouTube.

10. A warm coat

Because what if you are the one who is being tasked to shovel the driveway after the storm is done.

11. Music

Whether it be from your Spotify account or you can play pop music on an instrument that you play (I can play the first part of Epiphany on flute...).

12. If you're of age, alcohol

Because you're going to probably need a wine night or two.

13. Family

Whether you like each other by the end or not, it is best to sit through a snowstorm with your family if you are related by blood or it's your friends that you call family.