We are not that difficult to please...

1. Free stuff

The perks of being a college student include getting a TON of free stuff. If you go to a sporting event, you get a free t-shirt. If you walk around on campus and see an event, chances are you will get free pens, pins, stickers, candy, phone card holders, and even water bottles. All useful to have at the most random times!

2. Cancelled class

Nothing makes a college student happier than a cancelled class. It means you have free time—to do other work, hang with friends, workout, or most commonly, sleep.

3. Dogs

Some students bring their dogs to live with them in college. They automatically become popular because most students will stop and pet the dog. A lot of colleges even have a school dog that students can hang with which is a good therapy strategy!

4. Good weather (aka clear skies)

Good weather equals good mood which equals productivity. Few people like to walk or do things under grey skies and stormy weather, except for the romantic who might enjoy getting caught in the rain… or flexing a pair of Burberry rain boots.

5. Good food

Food is especially important in college. We need food for our brain function in class and to study! Whether you like 20-dollar salads from a vegan café, or whether In-n-Out is your place, good food also equals good mood and productivity.

6. Likes on Instagram

Meeting new people in college and in every semester, means more followers on Instagram. While we all try to point out the negative influences of social media, we all still secretly look at our likes and followers. So hopefully with more followers comes more likes on Instagram too… and who wouldn't want that?

7. Coffee/Caffeine

Coffee is a must. Everyone I know has grown an *almost* addiction to coffee. I used to hate it but now I can't go a day without it. Not just coffee, but caffeine in general. Some days are pretty bad, but this caffeine craze is just a phase, right?

8. Good grades

If you put the work in, you will most likely get great outcomes. Putting 100% effort into each class is probably the hardest thing to do in college. However, nothing makes a college student feel accomplished more than a good GPA and grades.

9. Sleep

Sleep is essential and unfortunately, teenagers and young adults really don't get enough of it. Many students' schedules are upside down and sleep easily is tossed out the window. When there is a chance to nap, many students do not say no.

10. Meeting someone cute

Nothing makes a student feel happier than talking to someone you find attractive. This goes for everyone, not just people in college. But as we college kids figure out who we are as people and what we like in others, I think we are easily affected by meeting someone cute. I have noticed it in many of my friends… meeting a cute person instantly makes you feel happy.