8 Sorority Stereotypes We Are Sick Of Hearing About

Being apart of Greek life can be a very scary thought for some people. It's a decision they either know they want to be a part of or they are absolutely against it. People who are against Greek life tend to say offensive things to girls who are apart of it without even knowing.

1. “You're paying for friends”

And you're not? You pay $40,000 to go to college and not only is that for an education but you are also there to make friends.

2. “So are you in the blonde sorority”

Just because you notice 20 of the girls you know are blonde, does not mean everyone is blonde. Sororities go for a certain personality, not a certain look. Obviously, they want all their girls to be put together, but they are not looking for one gene.

3. “All the girls look the same”

I'm sorry but there are 200 girls in the sorority, and if I don't know everyone, I don't think you do either.

4. “You must know all the frat boys, can you hook me up?"

Just because I'm in the sorority does not mean the only guys I talk to are frat boys. In fact, frat boys are not my usual preference of boy.

5. “Is that a top-tier sorority?”

Does it matter?

6. “I could never be in a sorority”

Then don't be. Simple as that.

From my personal experience of being in a sorority, I think Greek life has helped me so much with adjusting to living in a new state and getting used to a new atmosphere.

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