17 Things You Certainly Won't Use in College

17 Things You Certainly Won't Use in College

Rock that wrinkly shirt like everyone else.

There are only a few weeks left before freshman on college campuses move into their new home. Every freshman Googles list of what they should bring to college, and actually brings everything. But, there are many things that are bought, but rarely used.

Here is a list of things that I and other college students brought to their first year, but never really used. Save the money, and leave these things in the store.

1. A clothing steamer.

I bought one freshman year, thinking I'd get the wrinkles out of my shirt before class. In fact, the steam just made my shirt wet, and I ended up getting ready 30 minutes before class. Rock that wrinkly shirt like everyone else.

2. Plastic plates and metal silverware.

You might be thinking that you are saving the earth, but you end up becoming too lazy to wash the dishes, and they don't fit well under the bathroom sinks. It ends up being more of a hassle, and throwing it away in the trash is much easier.

3. Brita Filter Pitcher.

The ones sold for dorms hold enough water for about two water bottles before you have to fill it up again. The worst is running late for class and realizing that the pitcher is out of water. Then, you have to fill it up and wait for the filtered water to trickle out. It's simply much easier to get a case of bottled water.

4. Keurig.

If you're like me, the walk to Starbucks and Dunkin was less than 10 minutes, and it tasted much better than what I was brewing myself. It takes up a lot of useful space. If you like hot coffee and you drink a cup every morning, go for it. If you drink coffee on occasion, save the money for Starbs and leave the Keurig on the shelf.

5. Printer.

I had a printer, thinking I'd use it. I never printed more than about 20 pages, and it just collected dust. Professors nowadays have everything online, and papers are even turned in online. If a handout is needed, professors will print them, or just walk to the library and spend 5 cents.

6. Overly excessive amount of towels, sheets, etc.

More than two towels and an extra pair of sheets is not needed. They will just sit there, and you will end up using the same towel, washing it, then hanging back on the rack again.

7. Excessive clothes.

Don't bring a ton of clothes, thinking that you will wear them and expand your outfit choices. Trust me, you will still wear the same 6 shirts, and maybe even wear your PJ's to class every now and then. #college

8. TV.

I had a TV and Apple TV, but I was more likely to use my computer for Netflix. I didn't want to bother my roommate, so I only turned on the TV for the Bachelor every Monday.

9. More than one purse.

I personally hate carrying purses, so I only brought one. If you do, go ahead. But, realize that they take up space.

10. Ten billion refillable water bottles.

They collect dust, sit there, and you will probably end up reusing the same one over and over.

11. More than, like, 5 T-shirts.

I brought at least 15, and still ended up wear the same 5. I also received A LOT of free shirts. I especially recommend to leave all the high school ones at home!

12. Shoe organizer.

I tried to keep my shoes organized, but I just ended up throwing them into a box in my closet.

13. Sweeper/vacuum.

Many of the small ones that are sold, really don't pick up anything. You can more than likely rent lot better ones at the desk.

14. A whole luggage set.

They take up a lot of extra under-bed storage, and I ended up putting my stuff in book bags and duffel bags. I sometimes even just used garbage bags.

15. Small knick-knacks/decor.

They just collect a ton of dust. If they don't have a big significance to you, leave them at home.

16. Excessive coats in the summer, and shorts in the winter.

If you go to school in a place that has a changing climate, only bring summer clothes in the summer months, and winter clothes in the winter. Take the shorts home during fall break and bring back the coats.

17. Dress/business clothes.

Unless you are going through recruitment, are in a Greek organization, or in another activity where you will be wearing a lot of business clothes, leave them at home. You'll be wearing more sweats than slacks.

Cover Image Credit: Meredith Troxel

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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The One Thing Everyone Should Do Before They Graduate

Why I wish everyone could have shared in my end of school adventure.


The end of freshman year was filled with the abundant stress of final exams, teary-eyed goodbyes, and last looks at my dorm room on South Campus. The academic year was overwhelmingly busy, and I tried my best to soak in every single moment as a first-year college student. But as I'm sure many of you can understand, it's not always possible to make time for the adventures we so desperately desire. I found myself saying "I want to do that!" all year long, and here it was the last week of the year and my bucket list had barely been touched. All those Philadelphia excursions, dreamy coffee shop dates, and campus explorations that I looked forward to never ended up panning out…

… until last Thursday night.

With about half the freshman class moved out of South Campus, everything felt a little strange. There was barely a dinner rush at all in Donahue Dining Hall, and my room looked so empty it almost made me sad. Naturally, I called up a couple of friends. Within minutes, we met in the lounge, and we were off for our adventure.

Every single day on the way to labs in Mendel Hall, I walked past the beloved Falvey Fountain. It had become such a consistent part of my routine that walking past it felt like it was a necessary daily occurrence. But this time, we didn't walk past. In fact, we stopped dead in our tracks and admired its color changing beauty for a brief moment.

And then we dove in!

Yes, we jumped right into the fountain. First the daring adventurer of the group, then his sidekick, then the skeptic, and finally myself. This was definitely not allowed, but no one was around, and more importantly, no one cared. Being knee deep was freezing, but the adrenaline rush was too much to suppress. So we submerged further, dunking each other and splashing the icy water literally everywhere. My wet hair made way for the most epic hair flip of all time, and we all laughed joyously.

All the stress of looming final grades and the completion of projects, the bittersweet goodbyes to our newfound families, and the hassles of packing up for the year were washed away in that fountain, drowned in the euphoria of the moment. We were officially baptized in summer as it dubbed us the kings and queens of adventure.

Afterward, we wrung out our soaking clothes and snapped a quick pic of our drenched selves. Trying to escape the scene hastily, I dropped my bag of M&M;'s. They spilled everywhere, leaving streams of melty chocolate and food coloring running through the aftermath of our fountain dive. The scene looked like a bit of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory had exploded from the fountain and into the night.

I am far from kidding when I say that adventure is a must for everyone, at any stage of life. Whether it's fountain diving at Nova, or sky diving in New Mexico, something about us as human beings needs the unusual, exciting, and even hazardous experiences. This one was particularly cleansing and absolutely unforgettable.

So I implore you: go forth this summer and be adventurous! Explore hidden places, try new eats, shuffle a stranger's playlist, introduce yourself to someone on a whim, or just get in the car and drive with no destination in mind. This summer is for the bold; this summer's for you.

Happy adventuring!


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