15 Things ALL Taken Hokies Can Relate To
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15 Things ALL Taken Hokies Can Relate To

The best thing about being a Hokie is love.

15 Things ALL Taken Hokies Can Relate To
Brooke Catahan Smith

There are many things to love about being in a relationship but there are special privileges when it comes to being a Hokie and dating another hokie. I've personally known from experience what it's like to be a Hokie dating someone that doesn't go to Virginia Tech as well as what it's like to be a single Hokie.

Thankfully, I currently have the privilege to be dating someone that also attends the fabulous Virginia Tech. This has been the best turnout for me and I have compiled the ultimate list as to why.

Here are the 15 things that are special about being a Hokie that is off the market.

You have a jumping partner 

Wikimedia Commons

You have someone to join you at every home football game, jump with you to "Enter Sandman" and scream "Let's Go Hokies!"

It's the perfect partner in crime duo.

A Downtown buddy

Wikimedia Commons

You have someone that you can go downtown with whether your choice is Top of The Stairs, Sharkey's or Rivermill.

You have someone to wait in line with you

D2 dining hall at Virginia Tech

Wikimedia Commons

Those Qdoba lines are always long at Turner, but that special someone can always keep you company while waiting in the line for food!

You can share dining money


Whether you have too much dining money or not enough, what's yours is theirs.

You can tag team all of the sporting events


Since we're lucky enough to have good athletics all around, you and your fellow Hokie can tag team your way through the sports seasons.

Walking buddies 

Wikimedia Commons

This is especially great for those cold Blacksburg days when you have to brace the Blacksburg wind on the Drillfield.

You have someone to spend snow days with


We've had a lot of snow in Blacksburg these past few years and sometimes the roads get bad, but you don't bat an eyelash because you get to be snowed in with your significant other.

You have a study buddy


Final exams are no big deal when your significant other has to study for their exams too, especially when you both know of all the great study spots on campus.

You talk about inviting the Hokie Bird to your wedding


It's true — you've seen the Hokie Bird at weddings before for fellow Hokie lovebirds that met while they were on campus.

You borrow all of their Hokie gear


You can share the same Virginia Tech shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts.

You share a hatred of UVA


You have someone to celebrate beating UVA in anything whether it's the Commonwealth cup or just overall student happiness.

You have a date to ring dance


You both know it's a Virginia Tech tradition so you know that you both will attend.

You have a partner to do the "Bucket List" with at Virginia Tech 

They need to complete all 72 items that are on the list, so you might as well do it together.

Blacksburg Transit buddy


You can ride the bus with them and you know that you'll have someone that can entertain you when that Blacksburg traffic becomes a standstill.

You have a hiking partner

Wikimedia Commons

There are tons of places to hike in the area like Dragon's Tooth and The Cascades and with your fellow Hokie, you'll never have to go alone.

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