Things To Do For Your Mom After Mother's Day

Mother's Day may have come and gone, but there are still ways to honor your mom even if Sunday wasn't your best effort! Read on for great ideas to make the best post-Mother's Day possible.

Take her out to lunch.

My mom and I love going out to lunch together and I'm sure she'd be really happy if I offered to cover the bill!

Surprise her and make dinner.

My mom doesn't cook much (my dad actually does the cooking), but she'd definitely be touched if I went through the effort of cooking her dinner, especially if I made sure that it was something that she liked a lot.

Even better, surprise her and do the dishes.

After a long day of doing whatever your mom does, the last thing that she wants to do is clean the dishes or clean up after dinner. Surprise her by making sure that she doesn't have to!

Clean everything.

Nothing makes my mom happier than a clean house, especially when she's not the one who had to clean it.

Get her a nice picture of yourself.

This sounds kind of self-centered, but my parents are always asking for new pictures of my siblings and me to put on their desks. Both of them have collections of our school photos lined up on their windows at this point.

Make her something.

Homemade gifts tend to seem childish, but my mom always loves them the best because they really come from the heart. Pinterest has some great ideas for homemade presents that seem a little more grown up.

Surprise her by coming home.

If you live far away from home, surprise your mom by showing up at her door. I've done this a few times in the past and she's cried from happiness.

Just schedule some time to hang out with her.

Honestly, as long as your mom knows that you want to spend time together, she'll be happy. Even if my mom and I are just doing something mundane like school shopping for my siblings, she's never happier than when she's with her kids.

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