11 Things To Know About Someone With Hypothyroidism

11 Things To Know About Someone With Hypothyroidism

For those who may not know, hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is under-active and fails to produce as much thyroxine (T4) as the body needs.

For those who may not know, hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is under-active and fails to produce as much thyroxine (T4) as the body needs. T4 regulates heart rate, digestion, physical growth, and mental development.

A lack of T4 can damage vital organs and body tissues resulting in life-threatening complications. It is more common in women than in men and I personally struggle with hypothyroidism. Now that you know a little bit about the disease, you can learn about people who struggle with it, and why you should take in consideration their symptoms are why they are the way they are.

1. Hypothyroidism IS NOT just an excuse for being overweight.

One of the biggest struggles of living with this particular disease is trying to maintain your weight. It makes it very hard to lose weight and extremely easy to gain it all back. So no, it is not just an "excuse" for being overweight, it is a legitimate problem for certain individuals. You just have to learn to embrace the chubbiness and love yourself.

2. You might have aches like an eighty-year-old.

One of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism is intense muscle pain or extreme weakness. When it rains, you'll feel it coming.

3. Yes, I drink enough water. No, it doesn't hydrate my skin more.

It also causes extremely dry skin. So when you see me walking around with dry elbows and my legs looking like a dried up riverbed, that is why.

4. I promise I take care of my hair, but my body treats it differently.

Slight to extreme hair loss, premature graying, and dryness are all results from hypothyroidism. When I was in seventh grade, I lost a majority of my hair because I was letting my disease go untreated. I still struggle with my hair loss/breakage sometimes, and the dryness level is UNREAL.

5. There's never enough sleep.

Whether you take your medicine, or God forbid you miss a dosage of medicine, you will ALWAYS be tired. Ten hours of sleep can't even cure the sleepiness. It is never-ending.

6. Anxiety, depression, mood swings, oh my!

The underactive thyroid causes the depression, but the medicine can bring on the anxiety, which causes annoying over-the-top mood swings that make you seem psycho at times.

7. I honestly can't remember what you said five minutes ago.

Impaired memory and concentration struggles are two of the worst symptoms I find myself struggling with. It is hard to focus in school and at work, as it is also hard to retain information while studying or taking notes in class. If i miss a dosage of my medicine, i might as well hang up trying to be productive that day.

8. My tongue looks weird and no, it isn't a body modification.

My tongue swells in my mouth causing what is called a scalloped tongue, or a wavy tongue. The edges of my tongue are wavy and it looks extremely odd. (Yes, this is MY real tongue)

9. I'm known for my pale, swollen face.

It is a well-known fact in the thyroid world that hypothyroidism causes fatigue and anemia. I just happen to struggle with both of them, which results in a swollen, pale face all of the time.

10. Extra shorts are my best friend.

I find myself having a lot of hot flashes where I just need different pants on, so I make sure to keep some on me. Heat sensitivity is a side effect, as you may conclude by now.

11. Blankets are also my best friend.

Even though I have hot flashes, I'm usually colder than I am hot. This is a result of anemia and hypothyroidism, so I experience cold sensitivity times two.

Hypothyroidism is a disease I will struggle with for the rest of my life. I hope this article can give some insight on what its like to live with it and inform others about thyroid diseases.

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7 Ways To Get Up & Get Going​... To The Gym

Tips for waking up early and getting to the gym


"Time to get up, time to start going, time to start a new day..." This is the chant my wonderful mom would sing as she woke all of us up in the morning to get us ready for school. No longer a kid however, I now get to wake up to the ever pleasant sound of my alarm beeping endlessly until I can pull myself out of bed to turn it off. Working out in the morning for me is a must - if I don't start my day in the gym, I feel all out of wack. But I'm not gonna lie... some mornings I just want to lay in bed and skip the workout. Here are some tips for getting out of bed and to the gym before your mind tricks you into sleeping an extra hour.

1. Lay out your clothes the night before

I always lay out my outfit for the next morning. Once I put my workout gear on, it helps me get in the zone and I feel much more ready to go workout. Plus, working out gives you the excuse to get some super cute workout clothes... and you can't wear them if you don't go to the gym (just sayin').

2. Plan out your workout the night before

I like to have a plan before I go and workout. This allows me to be in the right mindset - whether I am going on a long run, running sprints, lifting weights, or something else - I know what I am going to do. Additionally, this is especially helpful so you don't feel overwhelmed with all the options when you get to the gym. Starting the day with a plan makes you feel more organized and you are able to get a start to your day faster.

3. Go to bed early

Sleep is extremely important to your mental and physical health. You aren't going to be able to get up in the morning and have enough energy to work out if you didn't get a proper amount of sleep the night before. Getting good, restful sleep gives you the energy to wake up in the morning and have a good workout, giving you even more energy for the rest of the day.

4. Put your alarm across the room

I put my alarm away from my bed so I have to get up and turn it off. And once you are out of bed, it's a lot easier to stay out of bed.

5. Have your headphones and a playlist ready to go

I like to have a pump up playlist ready to go. When you get the right song going, it's hard to not want to dance and sing - and then you're really in the mood to get going.

6. Make your bed

You heard me. This might sound silly, but once you make your bed, you're not going to want to get back in it. This not only keeps you out of bed and takes away the temptation of getting back under the covers, but it's also super refreshing to come home after a good workout to a made bed!

7. Lay your goals out

Look at your goals before you walk out of your house. Remind yourself why you are doing this, and why it is worth it. This is the best motivator for you as you head out, and will really get you out the door.

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My Boyfriend Is Deaf, But He's Still A Great Listener

This is what dating my deaf boyfriend has taught me.


I have heard countless complaints over the years resembling the statement, "My boyfriend is a terrible listener."

Women say this simply to describe how irritating it is when their boyfriends zone out as they are talking about their day or when they simply stare off into space as they try and ask whether they wanna order pizza or Chinese. They may use phrases such as "selective hearing" or compare the likeness of talking to their boyfriend to "talking to a wall."

I must say that I can relate to these women but in a much different way.

My boyfriend is deaf.

I have to say that my boyfriend's deafness has never once been a roadblock for me. If anything, it made me more interested in him. I had zero experience when it came to his deafness. I had many misconceptions of his hearing ability in the beginning. But, overall, it was something that just increased my interest in this kind-hearted, goofy guy. As I started to date this person that sometimes can't help but not listen to me, I realized that his deafness had zero effect on how much I cared for him and how well we worked together.

Unlike some other members of the deaf community, my boyfriend has two cochlear implants. Fun fact: cochlear implants are actually frowned upon throughout the deaf community a lot of times. They are said to remove the individuality that comes with the deaf community and its members. However, and I will admit I am biased, I do not agree and neither does my boyfriend. Cochlear implants assist him in living his life, but that does not mean that every deaf person needs or wants them to live theirs—which is OK. They benefit this person that is very important to me, and that is all that matters in my mind.

While all cases of deafness and implant-users are unique to the individual, my boyfriend had his first implant surgery when he was just 2-years-old. Then, his second when he was 10. I knew cochlear implants existed before I met him, but I had no idea how they worked, which was soon very apparent to myself and him.

Gabby Sheets

So, basically in the simplest terms possible, there are two magnetic receivers implanted in his skull. Then, there is the outer part that holds a circular magnet, a transmitter, and a microphone that magnetizes through his skull and to his actual implant. This, somehow, gives him the ability to hear, and to be fully honest I do not understand how they work. I probably never will. All I know is that he can hear me, which I did not know would necessarily be the case when we first met...

Gabby Sheets

When we first started going out with each other, I definitely had many misconceptions about my boyfriend's hearing, misconceptions that he will tease me about to this day. For example, I thought that I had to look directly at him whenever I spoke. My mistaken logic was that he would have to read my lips in order to understand me. False. Wrong. His implants allow him to hear exactly what I am saying the majority of the time, depending on if he actually is paying attention and how loud I am talking. He can, however, read lips though, which he has to do any time he is not wearing his implants, or like when I knock them out of his head on accident... Woops.

I also, at first, had this hilarious belief that he wouldn't be able to talk to me on the phone. I thought this even after I knew he could hear me in person with practically zero difficulties. It wasn't until he was over at my place visiting me, and I came out of my room to see that he was talking to his mom. On the phone. Because he can, perfectly well. To this day, I cannot explain why I thought he wouldn't be able to speak on the phone. It was my stupid, stupid mistake, and my boyfriend still finds my naivete when it came to his hearing oh so amusing.

All of this comes to show that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have confessed to my boyfriend that I was self-conscious at times, simply because I didn't understand. I was terrified to ask the wrong questions and upset him, but then I came to find out that he makes deaf jokes that make me cringe, not him. I was afraid of yanking one of his implants out of his head on accident. I have multiple times now, and it has never once been a big deal. I was self-conscious about hitting a nerve, about something that not only impairs his hearing but his life as a whole.

There was one night, at the beginning of our relationship, where we just sat asking each other questions as new couples commonly do. The question was, "What is your biggest insecurity?"

His answer was his hearing. My answer was my body.

I discovered that there are always times where he will feel insecure because he isn't able to hear like everyone else. However, I love the fact that he isn't like everyone else. I sincerely hope that he realizes that.

But no, I will never be able to truly understand what it is like to be deaf, to have this life-changing impairment, and that's OK.

What I do know is that by dating my boyfriend I have learned this—everybody is insecure about something. Some are insecure about something as superficial as their looks like I am. Then some are insecure about something that affects their entire life, such as my boyfriend with his hearing. It has occurred to me that if my boyfriend can overcome something as life-altering as his deafness then I can overcome body insecurity and many other obstacles in my life now, thanks to him.

I have never met a guy as willing to listen to me and my minuscule problems as my boyfriend. I have never experienced problems in my life as severe as his deafness, but he always makes my problems, thoughts, insecurities, etc. feel validated. He is understanding and considerate. He is reassuring and has a heart of gold, and I continue to be amazed by him each day that we spend together.

So, yes, my boyfriend is deaf, but he most definitely is not a terrible listener. Not at all.

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