11 Things You Value In High School That Just Don't Matter In College
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11 Things You Value In High School That Just Don't Matter In College

We are all just trying to make it, and nobody has time for "who Biffy's bopping."

11 Things You Value In High School That Just Don't Matter In College
St. Charles East High School

High school and college are completely different.

Everyone is an adult (whether they act like it or not) and are treated as such. You are responsible for you, and nobody cares if you sink or swim.

In high school, everyone is so judgy – judge what you wear, who you're friends with, what you look like, who you date, and anything else they can think of. In college you just do you.

Nobody cares if you show up in pajamas with frizzy hair or if your boyfriend played sports in high school. We are all just there to further our education and (hopefully) get a great job at the end of it.

So, with out further ado, here are 11 things that matter in high school but nobody cares about in college:

1. Your HS class ring

Everyone spent hours looking over the catalog and designing their ring just how they wanted it, and I do not know anyone who still wears theirs. I lost mine the second week I got it. It was a little too big and was constantly falling off my finger. Usually, I would find it in the carpet, or in between my bed sheets, but one time it fell off and I never found it.

2. Letterman jacket

I loved wearing my letter jacket in high school! It was so warm in the cold classrooms and it looked nice when wearing it on the sidelines of football games. However, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I have worn it since graduating. It's still a nice warm jacket, and I will occasionally stick it on when it gets chilly out, but I feel like its a bit weird wearing it outside of high school.

3. Dressing up

In High school it was almost an everyday occurrence to wear make up and dress at least half way decent. In college, looking homeless is part of the life style. You see a guy riding around on a scooter in a snuggie on a cold day around campus, and you are like "Wow, that is a smart man."

4. Playing sports

Sports were a big part of my life, so I wanted my significant other to be playing sports as well. In college there are such a small number of people who play football (or baseball, basketball, track, etc.) so it really isn't something I (or really anybody) looks for in a guy.

5. Gossip/Rumors

We are all just trying to make it, nobody has time for "who Biffy's bopping." Plus, you are only on campus during your class times. In high school there is more downtime, which means more time for people to talk/gossip.

6. Formal Dances

Prom – what a magical time in high school. Girls spend hundreds on the perfect dress, wear heels they barely know how to walk in (and pray they don't trip in). Boys get dragged to the dance in hopes of getting a treat at the end of the night (if you know what I mean). In college there are no formal dances (unless you are in a fraternity or sorority).

7. Being homecoming/Prom Queen/King

Honestly does it matter? Sure, I guess it is pretty cool at the time, but it does not really you help you later in life.

8. Personal relationship with teachers/professors

Not to say that every professor is like this, but most professors come in, give their lecture, answer any questions, and adios! Most probably don't even know your name (especially if its a big class with 100+ students).

In high school, lots of students have personal relationships with their teachers. If you are going through a rough time, teachers will cut you a break. In college, professors don't care. We are all on the struggle bus together.

9. Attendance

In high school, if you miss so many days, they can hold you back. In college, the professors could not care less if you show up. If you are tired stay home! Come if you want to learn; if not, good luck.

Of course, some professors do have an attendance policy, but most go with, "We are all adults, you are paying to be here, if you do not show up that is on you. I don't care."

10. What you eat

Your mom is not there to make you a home cooked meal or make sure you eat your veggies. This is why the freshman 15 is a real thing.

11. Curfew

Nobody is there to tell you what time to be home at. If you want to go out dancing until 2 am and then hit IHOP later with your friends – you can do it! Just make sure you don't have an 8 am the next morning.

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