I'm always looking for something new to watch on Netflix. As soon as I find something good, I've binged through all eight seasons.

I highly recommend that you check out the new-to-Netflix series "Imposters." The Bravo show stars Inbar Lavi as Maddie, a woman who cons people into marrying her and then steals their fortune.

The TV show is very engaging, a little overdramatic, and not hyper-predictable. If you loved "Riverdale," you'd love "Imposters."

The universe of "Imposters" is slightly ridiculous, and the plot line takes the characters down an interesting path.

The best part: It takes place in my hometown, Seattle.

Here are 17 potentially relevant and potentially hilarious life-lessons as taught by the characters of "Imposters."

1. Don't get married to someone you've known less than a year

2. Don't rebound your shot-gun marriage with someone who has a crush on you

3. You obviously can trust an FBI agent who calls it the Federal "Burrow" of Investigation

4. It's improper to talk about feminism when you first meet someone

5. Playing dumb makes you more desirable

6. If you're broke, you should have a yard sale

7. Seattleites use umbrellas whenever it rains

8. Seattleites meet their partners in a coffee shops

9. It's a darts match. Not a darts game.

10. It's easy to out drink men if you're drinking water

11. "The heart is strong muscle. It spring back"

12. If you're still broke...convince someone that they hit you with their car

13. Always be wary of the mistrusting auntie

14. People are easily impressed with a knowledge of wine

15. Glass doors are impossible to keep clean

16. "Too good to be true is too good to be true every time"

17. "Always forward never back"

Bravo's Imposters will return to TV on Thursday, April 5 at 10 pm! Get caught up on Netflix and get excited for the second season.