In a world where you see so tragic things happening on the news and your social media feeds are full of complaints and aggravations, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all the bad and sad things happening in the world. At any given moment, it's easier to come up with a list of things stressing you out or making you angry than the opposite.

However, it is vitally important to remember the things you enjoy and the things that make you happy. Whether the things are big or small, creating a list of things that make you giddy with joy is fun and simple, and will put you in a better mood.

1. Flowers

2. Freshly cut grass

3. The smell of a new book

4. The smell of freshly brewed coffee

5. Sitting down and simply petting my cat

6. Laying down in my bed after a long day

7. The cool A/C that hits me when I come in from being outside

8. Coming up with a really good comeback in a conversation

9. Finding ice cream in the freezer I had forgotten about

10. Acing a test that I studied hard for

11. Acing a test that I didn't study for

12. Seeing one of my friends accomplish one of their goals

13. Seeing a squirrel (they're my favorite animal)

squirrel GIF

14. Finding a new television show that I like

15. Being able to devote a large chunk of time to a hobby

16. Being complimented

17. When my Keurig makes the perfect amount of coffee in my mug

18. Having a really good conversation with someone

19. Checking off everything on my to-do list

20. Having a day that was a perfect mixture of productivity and relaxation

21. Finding a deal at the grocery store

22. Getting coupons for my favorite store and using it as an excuse to shop online

23. Finding someone who enjoys the same tv shows or books that I do

24. Having a good hair day

25. Baking something

26. Cozying up with a blanket, coffee, a good book, and my cat

27. Night rides with the windows down and the music up

28. My dad's lasagna

29. Accomplishing something that I was previously afraid of

life accomplishments GIF

30. Finding a perfect gift for someone

What would you put on your list of happiness?