11 Things Girls Who Look Younger Than They Are Will Just Get
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11 Things Girls Who Look Younger Than They Are Will Just Get

It just never gets old... (get it?)

11 Things Girls Who Look Younger Than They Are Will Just Get
Peter Heeling

People usually have a hard time believing I'm 19, because....well, I just don't look it. If you've also been told, for whatever reason, that you look young, you'll probably relate to the following. Here are 11 questions, comments, and situations people who look younger than they are have probably heard or experienced:

1. "Would you like the children's menu?"

The summer before college I went to London for a week or so, and truth be told, I was having a lot of fun being able to order wine at restaurants. Of course, my excitement was cut short when a waitress asked me if I wanted the children's menu, which was for ages 12 and under.

2. "There's no way you can be *your age*!"

I usually just laugh along, because I know I look a couple years younger than I am.

3. You get slightly jealous when people ask if your younger sibling is older than you.

People always assume either my sister and I are twins or she's the older sister.

4. "You'll be so thankful when you're forty!"

Well... I guess I only have to wait about 20 years then?

5. "You're in college? No way, I thought you were still in high school!"

Ok, I can't put this one past anyone. If I saw me for the first time, I'd definitely think I was in high school.

6. "Are you visiting college campuses today?"

No, I go here. Although, I'll admit that I've been tempted to answer "yes" just to see what happens.

7. Trying to decide what type of makeup/clothes will make you look older.

Usually the only time people guess my age correctly is when I go out in a full face of makeup and high heels.

8. You may occasionally use your youthful looks for age discounts.


9. Whether you're above or below 21, you either get carded all the time, or have accepted the inevitable fate.

I'm going to be well prepared for this.

10. Whenever you open the door for a stranger, they ask if your mom or dad is home.

I can't really complain about this. Makes it easier for me, I guess?

11. "You're so cute!"

I can't really complain about this either.

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