11 Things Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Girls with straight hair tend to be jealous of girls with thick curly hair. But honestly, anyone with curly hair would kill for a little bit of calmness. Some days you look like you could be on the front of a hair magazine, while other days it looks like a bird made your head its home. If you've got curly hair, you know exactly what I mean. Here are some things only curly haired girls will understand.

1. Checking the weather before deciding your hairstyle for the day.

2. Girls with naturally straight hair always tell you they want your hair, but you really just want a little of their straightness.

3. Bangs are a no go.

4. When you actually do straighten your hair, no one recognizes you.

5. Once you put your hair up, there's no taking it down.

6. You only brush your hair when it is wet, or else you have an afro.

7. Your hair products are the reason you're broke.

8. You have long talks with other people with curly hair about which products work the best.

9. There's no way you can straighten your hair in less than an hour.

10. One side is always curlier than the other.

11. You go through a lot of conditioner.

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