10 Things Every Woman should do once a year

10 Things Every Woman should do once a year

There are lots of this we do as a women. But today I will discuss about 10 things that you shouldn't miss in each year.

Kathryn Robinson

1. Bring order to the closet

Consistently sort out clothes that "will fit again soon" or that no longer match your current taste once a year. If the clothing is still of excellent quality, you can donate it or put it in a used clothing container. Anyone who fears that container operators will sell the used clothing instead of distributing it to those in need can search for "fair" used clothing containers via fairuation.de. Mucking out gives a good feeling - and creates new space in the apartment and wardrobe.

2. Treat yourself to a spa visit

Take at least one day or at least a few hours a year just for yourself and far away from everyday stress and obligations. In the spa or a wellness hotel, you can do what you want in peace: a great massage, a facial, manicure and pedicure ... Even a short wellness break gives you new energy and freshness, both internally and externally.

3. Plan a vacation

An exciting city break, beach vacation by the sea, or a wellness weekend in the mountains: If you plan your next dream vacation early enough, you can look forward to a well-deserved break and exciting experiences on the go all year round.

4. Write lists

No, no classic to-do or shopping list - there are too many of them in everyday life. Write down once a year what goals you have already achieved and what hurdles or problems you have overcome - both professionally and privately. You will see the length of the list and with it, your self-esteem grows.

5. Present yourself

Whether a luxurious fragrance, a long-awaited travel destination, or the expensive shoes that you have longingly admired in the shop window: Fulfill a heart's desire once a year without a guilty conscience.

6. Digitally clear out

Regardless of whether it is old telephone numbers or the overcrowded e-mail inbox: Separate yourself once a year from never chosen contacts or newsletters, which you always delete unread anyway.

7. Change the apartment

Bring a fresh breeze into your own four walls regularly: it is up to you whether you want to change the entire furniture, redesign a room in an apartment or house or change the color scheme in individual rooms. Even small changes create a new feeling of living and make coming home even more beautiful.

8. Be a child again

As a child, you certainly had hobbies for which there is simply no time today. Take the time to rediscover the child once a year - be it with a crochet class, painting by numbers, or music lessons. This is how you arouse your child's enthusiasm - and beautiful, almost forgotten childhood memories.

9. End reading the books you started

Who does not know the problem: You buy a new book, start reading - and then have no more time or forget to finish reading in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rummage through your bookshelf at least once a year for unfinished treasures and finally spend a leisurely afternoon browsing through it - which is often much more relaxing than films or series.

10. Question your way of thinking

We think more or less of the same things every day. People whose thoughts always revolve around job, family or household tend to stick to rigid mindsets and reject (positive) changes. It is worthwhile to question your thinking and to think outside the box. Therefore, at least once a year, deliberately deal with what concerns you or how you want to change established mindsets. A conscious change of perspective creates an unbiased and fresh look. If we change our thinking, we will move on - and that in turn makes us happy (he).

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