It's about that time of year again, where the fall college athletes move in for two weeks to prepare for the upcoming season. This is a very rewarding, yet trying time, that athletes endure four times in their collegiate career. During these two weeks, physical and mental strength are tested as their body starts to ache and throb from all the hard work they are putting into the sport they love. This is also a time where a team gets to establish themselves by getting to know the new players.

Athletes go through a roller coaster of emotions during the preseason, but we wouldn't want it any other way! Here are six things that every athlete experiences during preseason:

1. You think: "Oh my Gosh, I am so not ready for this."

The initial thought of doing straight conditioning and playing for two whole weeks is something I can still hardly fathom going into my senior year. No matter how hard an athlete trains in the summer, anxiousness comes with the process!

2. But you also think: "Oh my Gosh, I am so ready for this."

It is the opportunity for a fresh start! Maybe a team is trying to uphold their reputation as the best in their conference, or to change their losing record. Whatever the case may be, you get to do what you love while trying to accomplish a goal with a completely new season!

3. You are constantly wondering when you will eat next.

Preseason is a constant struggle of starvation; the athlete's body is adjusting to doing two straight weeks of physical activity. No amount of food is enough. Just when you think you're full, you walk into your next practice—hungry. The struggle is real.

4. You only talk to a select few people for two straight weeks.

When the only people you see for two weeks are your teammates and the other athletes on campus, you forget that there's life outside of campus, because preseason becomes your whole world.

5. Ice Bags become part of your everyday outfits.

When your body works overtime, ice bags become an essential part of your ensemble. It's not out of the ordinary to walk around campus and see others with bags of ice saran wrapped around their body parts. The trainers become your best friend because they provide this service.

6. It becomes socially acceptable to take more than one shower.

In my opinion, this is only okay during these two weeks. In order to make friends, and keep them, it's important to shower on a regular basis; you will smell from working out a million hours a day.

As I am about to go into my last preseason, I can't help but know I'm going to miss this entire experience—the good, the bad and the ugly. I know, however, these memories are going to last a lifetime. So, if you are scared or feeling anxious about the upcoming preseason, just try to enjoy the experience; it's something that you will talk about for the rest of your life!