It's that time of year again: MIDTERMS! Halfway through the semester signifies that grades are going to start rolling in and it will be about time to reevaluate all the decisions we've made so far this year. However, midterms can be super stressful and at times (well, all of the time) we wish we were doing something else. So here are 21 things to do other than studying for midterms.

1. Online shopping

2. Watch "Beauty and the Beast" because it's on Netflix now

3. Cry

4. Nap

5. Plan your fall break

6. Plan your spring break

7. Work out

8. Start a new show on Netflix

9. Finish your new show on Netflix

10. Make cookies

11. Go to random coffee shops

12. Procrastinate on Facebook

13. Write Odyssey articles (or apply here)

14. Plan your Halloween costume

15. Go to a pumpkin patch

16. Distract your other friends from studying

17. Clean your room

18. Lay in a hammock

19. Accept defeat on your tests

20. Decide you actually need to study

21. Study