When you're at school, all you want is to be home. But when you come home, you start to miss your life at school. It's a never ending "grass is always greener on the other side" cyclic situation, where you can never be fully pleased. Here are seven things I (and probably you too) miss about college life when home for breaks, and seven things I'll miss about home when school starts again.

When I'm home I miss...

1. My college friends

The ones who will go eat with you at 1 AM on a school night. Or watch a movie with you while you should be studying. They're your biggest support system and become your family when you aren't with your actual family.

2, Unlimited WiFi

Some people are blessed in that they have unlimited WiFi even at home, but I, and many others, are not. My house has a limited amount of WiFi that gets used up quickly when I'm home because I'm used to the unlimited amount at school. It may be spotty and disconnect at random times, but school WiFi is there for us in ways that home WiFi isn't, so breaks can be really hard,

3. Campus food

Okay not all of it. Not even most of it. Just those one or two things that your school makes that are REALLY good-like cookie cake Friday or Flying Burrito from the Union. You miss them even if you may not want to admit it.

4. Having a roommate

Sharing a room with someone definitely has its ups and downs, but when you've got a good roommate, you miss them. Who are you supposed to talk to at night before you go to sleep? Who is gonna root for you in all of your daily adventures, or make you take medicine when you don't feel good?

5. Campus squirrels

Campus squirrels are NOT like regular squirrels. They're used to humans, so they let you get really close to them before scurrying away. They always seem to have some kind of human food in their mouth (I've seen chicken, sweet potato fries, cookies, etc.) and provide a little enjoyment on your walk to class.

6. A gym within walking distance

If I'm being honest, I don't go to the gym nearly as often as I should. However, I like knowing that if I should decide I want to work out, I can walk less than five minutes and be there.

7. Being in control of my own decisions

I don't mean this in a wild and crazy way. I mean this in the sense that if you're in the mood for pizza three times a day, you can totally do it at school. If you want to stay up to 3 AM watching Netflix, although it's probably not the best idea, you get to decide whether you want to go through with it. No one is telling you what to do, so you are completely in control of your decisions.

However, when I'm at school I miss...

1. My family

If you're lucky, you get to be close to your family like me. Family time is so great, and its something you fully realize how much you miss when you're away from it for a month(s) at a time.

2. Pets

Animals are possibly the greatest gift God gave us. They love us all the time, no matter what we've done, and they always want to be around us. If you don't miss your pets when you're at school, what kind of a person are you really?

3. Hometown friends

I realize not everyone is still friends with people from their hometown after they graduate high school. I am lucky to still call people from my graduating class friends. When you're at school, and something interesting comes up on your Facebook feed about people from high school, your college friends aren't going to get why you care about it. They don't understand how big of a deal it is that your high school beat a rival team, but your hometown friends do, and its hard to freak out about something with them over a text message.

4. My home church

There's just something about worshiping in the church you grew up in with those who watched you grow up. College town churches just can't compete with that, no matter how hard they try.

5. Showering barefoot

Flip-flop showers aren't nearly as refreshing as showering barefoot in your own home. There are always those people who shower barefoot at school but don't be one of those people. People hardcore judge you. Wear flip-flops at school and I promise it'll make barefoot showers at home so much more refreshing.

6. Seeing the stars at night

I live in a small town in Arkansas, so the stars are bright at night when I'm home. At school though, you can't see them. There's so much light pollution that it is impossible to make out the sparkling stars in the night sky. This may seem like a little thing to some, but to me and others who grew up in small towns like mine, this is a big deal.

7. Homecooked food

Colleges do the best they can, and honestly, the food is pretty good. But college cafeterias can't beat your mom's homemade Stromboli or your dad's fried deer steak. Their apple pie isn't as good as it would be coming out of your oven at home, and the omelets just don't have the same flair they do at home. Homecooked food is and always will be the best.

So there you have it. Some people love being away at school, while some love being where they know and love at home. I say you can fully love both, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. College is great, and so is your home. Love them both and don't ever feel ashamed of it.