13 Things You Shouldn't Do When You're In Your Feels

More often than not, we let our decisions get the best of us. We make rash decisions when we're angry or when we're incredibly sad. If you're like me, you often come to regret a lot of these decisions. Sometimes, even though it's hard, you need to take a deep breath and think it all out. Better yet, just wait until you sleep it off and figure out if you still feel the same in the morning.

In any case, here are 13 things you definitely shouldn't rashly decide on when you're deep in your feels.

Cut your hair. 

Don't do it. You might grow to hate that short hair in a couple of days. You should really think about it before you do it. Your hair is sacred.

Text that guy. 

Abort mission.

Binge eat or starve yourself. 

We all love food but don't let your feels mess with your eating habits. Stay healthy!

Watch sad movies. 

You'll just dig yourself into a deeper hole.

Shove chocolate down your mouth. 

We all love chocolate but honestly... you can only handle so many chocolate bars before you break out and feel worse.

Listen to sad songs. 

This will just exacerbate your sad mood.


I am the worst over-thinker in the world so I definitely can't talk but trust me, don't make it harder on yourself.


Please get help if it gets to this point. I know it's hard but look out for yourself.

Pluck your eyebrows. 

You're literally asking for over-plucked, insanely thin eyebrows.

Bite your nails. 

Do yourself a favor and keep your hands away from your mouth.

Get a tattoo. 

Wait until you've actually thought it out and decided you actually want one.


Don't binge drink just just because you're sad. It won't make it any better.

Do drugs. 

Once again, it will just make everything worse. Don't do anything until you're in the right head space.

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