The Thief

The Thief

A Short Story Series

"I guess I'll go with..." Olivia started.

“...Not to mention your relationship with Chris won’t be interrupted at the main house.” Luka interjected.

""Olivia stammered.

Olivia's eyes darted to Chris. He threw his hands up in the air.

"Anyone with eyes can see it," Luka stated.

"He's not wrong girly." Mitch piped in.

"Mitch? You knew?"

Olivia's mouth gaped open. Was she that obvious?

"Of course I knew. Chris gabs about ya all the time."

Olivia rubbed her eyes tiredly.

"Well, I guess the decision has already been made then. It seems like you won't take no for an answer."

Olivia watched as Chris's smug grin returned.

"You will, of course, have your own room."

Chris's smile waned at Luka's words momentarily but perked right back up.

"For when ya get sick of Chris's ugly mug." Mitch teased.

"Thank you."

"Let's get you packed then. Sooner we move you, the sooner you'll be safe." Chris said clapping his hands together enthusiastically.

"You are oddly enthusiastic about my life being threatened." Olivia teased.

"It's not everyday your girlfriend finally moves in with you." Chris teased back.

Olivia felt her face flush as all of the men in the room laughed. Chris planted a soft kiss on her cheek, causing her face to turn an even darker shade of red. She'd kept physical displays of affection at a minimum so this was all new territory for her.

"Ah, stop your gooey nonsense before I puke." Mitch grumbled.

As he passed Chris to start packing, he made gagging motions.

"Alright. That's enough now. Let's get this done quickly." Luka ordered.

Olivia looked at her small apartment and headed for her bedroom. She pulled a large duffel bag from under her bed and started shoving clothes inside unceremoniously. It didn't take her long as she didn't cater to the idea of owning more than a week's worth of clothing. She stuffed her comforter and sheets in the bag. Zipping the bag took a bit of expert pushing and pulling, but she eventually got it to shut.

Grabbing the bag and her pillow, she made her way to the living room just in time to watch Mitch knock over one of the picture frames on her bookshelf. Olivia winced as the glass shattered. She set her bag down and made her way to the kitchen to grab the little hand broom she kept under the sink. She heard Mitch grumble something from the kitchen and could only assume he'd started trying to pick up the glass with his hands. With a sigh, she grabbed the spare box of band-aids out of her junk drawer.

"Let me guess, you cut yourself?" Olivia chided.

Mitch nodded. She handed him the box of band-aids and got to work on sweeping up the glass. After making sure all of the glass was off of the floor, she removed the photo from the picture frame and disposed of the frame. She tucked the photo into one of the boxes of books and went back to work. Within a couple of hours, her personal items had all been packed and loaded into the waiting cars. She took one last look at her apartment and locked up.

Luka had insisted that they leave her car at the apartment complex so that any informants watching the area would think she was still around. Chris insisted that he get to drive and so Olivia dozed off. She hardly noticed as the streets flew by and the scenery started to change around them. Chris nudged her shoulder as they pulled up to the most beautiful house that Olivia had ever seen.

"What do you think?" Chris asked.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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