"Why would Damien shoot you? What were you doing near him?" Mark asked pained.

"That I can't tell you." Olivia replied.

"So Luka sent you." Mark replied flatly.

Olivia remained silent.

Mark started to pace frantically. "Why didn't I know about this?"

"You'd have to ask your boss that."

Mark grabbed onto Olivia's arms tightly. "What did you do, Livvie? Why would he hurt you?"

He searched Olivia's face for answers but it gave him none. She continued to look at him blankly, betraying absolutely nothing. Mark's grip tightened.

"Livvie, please?" he begged.

"You're hurting me, Mark."

He immediately let go of her arms. Olivia rubbed the spots where his fingers had been digging in.

"Look, the most I can tell you is that Damien wouldn't want me there even if he was down to his last two members. You telling him that you were going to 'recruit me' probably already has him on high alert."

"Jesus, Liv. I didn't know."

"It's okay but I need to leave. Now."

Mark nodded and pulled Olivia into a hug before allowing her to walk away. Olivia quickly made her way outside but stopped short when she saw a figure hidden in shadows by her car. She had a bad feeling in her gut about the figure, but tried to push it away. She clutched her keys in between her fingers for a makeshift weapon and walked slowly towards the car.

Just as she reached the handle to her car door, the figure stepped out of the shadows. Even in the dimmed streetlight, he was gorgeous. His caramel skin, mocha eyes, and jet black hair were all too familiar. He was well-built and his muscles bulged against the sweater he was wearing. A devilish smile appeared on his lips.

"Hello again, Olivia," he said playfully.

Olivia's muscles tensed up and she tried to steady her shaking hands.


"I see you've reunited with your brother at long last."

Olivia remained quiet.

"I have to admit, when Mark said he was going to meet you, I had no idea you two were related. I knew he had a sister, but I never realized that you were her."

"What do you want, Damien?" Olivia spat.

He pushed her back up against her car and pinned his arms on either side of her so she couldn't make an escape. Damien leaned in towards her ear.

"I want what we had, back." he hissed.

"We didn't have anything, Damien. You know that. It was all part of a plan."

"Was it, Livvie?" Damien ran his lips gently across the exposed skin on her neck. Olivia tried and failed to suppress the shiver that ran through her body.

"Your body still knows me. You still know me."

"It was an act, Damien," Olivia said weakly.

Damien planted a soft kiss on her cheek and moved away.

"We'll see."

Damien disappeared into the shadows down the street. Olivia waited for a few minutes before getting into her car. She drove home, ran up the stairs, and triple-checked that the door was locked. She dialed a familiar number on her phone and waited for the other end to answer.

"Hello?" a raspy voice answered.

"Luka, we have a problem."