No matter what type of body we have, whether we look like a bikini model or not, we all feel a little self-conscious in the summer. As unhealthy as it is, we all wish our bodies looked a little different, whether it is our abs or our thighs or our breasts, or anything in between.

As somebody with large thighs, I can say that summer is tough.

I exercise 5-6 days a week and I can say that my thighs are certainly built and certainly work hard, but are far from slim. I have what everyone would call "powerful" or "thicc" thighs. They look strong but definitely don't look slender. So to all the people who work out and spend countless hours in the gym but still don't have the "ideal" body, I'm sure you share many of the same struggles that I do.

All shorts look RAUNCHY. Most of the shorts we buy become Daisy Dukes even if they aren't meant to be as such. Some days, I carry the attitude that I work hard for these thighs and have every right to flaunt them. Other days, I wish these darn shorts just fit me properly so I don't look like I'm wearing denim lingerie. Shorts are tough, so it's easy to just stick to sundresses sometimes.

And rompers are a definite no-no. Whoever invented rompers must have pictured a girl with short stature and slim legs. Since I have neither, I have to admire rompers from afar unless I want to look like I'm wearing a one-piece bathing suit. There are so many cute rompers left and right, and it's tough when they aren't so flattering on us despite all we do to work for our bodies.

We also deal with many of the same struggles that anyone with larger thighs faces.

Sweating, chafing, shorts riding up, you name it! We don't have the thigh gap that we wish we did. My thighs rub together when I wear shorts which is extremely annoying at times. If I'm sitting down, my thighs do sweat and my inner thighs seldom see the light of day. Some of my shorts get worn out near my thighs. Powerful thighs can be just as much of a hassle, no matter how much iron they're able to pump.

However, summer is also our chance to flex.

They have shirts called "muscle shirts" but all of our shorts and bikini bottoms are "muscle pants" where we can show how hard our legs work. In bikini photos, I try to get into a bodybuilder stance so that I'm certain that my quads and hamstrings protrude in just the right way. As a matter of fact, we do have the right to show off our powerful thighs. They have tons of capabilities that are evident in their defined curves.

But no matter what type of body you have, remember that there is no "bikini body." Anyone with a body wearing a bikini has a bikini body. So if you learn to embrace your body, even if it doesn't fit some sort of "ideal," summer doesn't have to be a time to let our insecurities get the better of us. If you have powerful thighs, flaunt them for the world to see!