They are Israel's rising influencers
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They are Israel's rising influencers

Israel's rising influencers

They are Israel's rising influencers

Influencer marketing is a term you often hear when accessing social media. The pandemic has spurred eCommerce to reach record levels of use, and companies like Walmart reported even 97% increases in online sales. Experts think that the present scenario has accelerated the shift towards online shopping by 5 years. Along with traditional marketing, influencer marketing has also experienced a growth in popularity because companies are looking for ways to capture their public's attention and address Gen Z shoppers' preferences and needs. 77% of buyers say that they respond better to ads that show people in real-life situations, and who excels at showing this if not influencers?

Two-thirds of people expect the companies they buy from to stand for the problems that affect the world and be honest and transparent in their advocacy efforts. The pandemic has triggered the growing need for brands to be vocal about their social causes and show a sense of responsibility to society and consumers.

In the given context, with people being isolated at home and in need of entertainment, influencers have become social media platforms' stars. Their pages provide extensive information from guidance to fashion and comfort to humour and travelling advice.

Influencer marketing has experienced a boom in new niches

For a long time, influencers performed well in industries like fashion, beauty and travelling, but lately, this marketing form has bloomed in many new industries. It expanded into areas that were described as too risk-averse for experimental marketing tactics. For example, Charli D'Amelio has signed a collaboration with Step, an online personal finance platform. This trend means that many companies that have played it safe for many years have understood that it's the moment to take a risk because the current situation requires innovative solutions. Also, the influencer pool is dip enough to provide high-quality material for all industries.

People find inspiration in the most unlikely places, and brands have finally reached this conclusion too. Shoppers count on their social media profiles for inspiration and recommendations for future purchases. And while Israeli accounts may not be the first pages someone would think of for advice, their photos and descriptions are so inspirational, it would be a pity not to follow them. Here are the accounts we think perfect for spicing up your feed. If you want to get in touch with an influencer to promote your brand, you can work with a company like Clicks Talent to connect you with high-quality social media ambassadors.

Talia Sutra

Now, you may not be a fan of yoga, but you may give it a try after you check Talia's profile. Her account puts together a collection of stunning Israeli landscape photos, inspiring quotes, and impressive yoga poses. You may feel anxious to try some of the yoga posses Talia shares on her Instagram page because you aren't flexible enough, but don't worry, you're not the only one. In fact, most of her followers aren't yoga instructors as Talia is. Talia has recently returned to Israel from New York, where she lived for over 17 years.

Her page may be dedicated to Israel landscape and yoga, but her content is diverse because she also travels a lot for hosting yoga workshops. So, expect her account to take you on a journey around the world and introduce you to a community passionate about yoga. At the end of the day, Talia Sutra thinks that the best way to stay motivated is to share a yoga selfie daily.

Dana Zarmon

If you're planning to visit Israel or want to get fashion and lifestyle hacks from a true fashionista, have a look at Dana's Instagram page. Her feed works like a guide to travel and style in Israel, so you know where to go and what to pack when you get ready for the trip. She started her career in social media marketing as a fashion and lifestyle blogger in 2014, and around the same time, she was also cast for the reality series It Girls.

Now her name is widely known in Israel and not only for sharing the most breath-taking vacation spots and wearing gorgeous outfits. She has collaborated with famous brands like Samsung, Tresemme, Chloe, Chanel, and Pandora. And with a baby on the way, she is ready to spread her influence over new niches.

Avital Cohen

Now this is an account for the fitness freaks around the world because Avital is known for her strict gym regimen and perfectly toned body. Avital is one of the Israeli influencers known worldwide because her content is relevant to the wide public. Social media marketing experts have called her Israeli Selter, referring to the American social media celebrity and fitness model with over 12 million Instagram followers. Cohen may not have such a huge following base, but she still built a strong public that admires her for her fitness regimen and amazing looks.

Lately she has also entered the business world by starting her own athletic wear company because who knows best what fitness enthusiasts need than someone who shares their passion for lifting weights.

Eden Fines

Eden Fines is another It Girl with an Instagram feed filled with fashion, style, and travel photos. No one is actually surprised to see such a combination because when you're a popular model who works together with names like Bar Rafaeli, you travel a lot and have plenty of fashionable items to display and style advice to offer. She may not be as well known as her top model colleagues, but she is a well-known name in Israel for her unique look and high-quality content. Her follower count has grown steadily over the last year, especially since she starred in Israel singer Moshe Perez's music video.

Barak Shamir

If some models prefer to stay away from social media and keep their lives private, Barak Shamir isn't one of them because he posts about every aspect of his life. He often uploads photos with his girlfriend Noa Kirel, an Israeli actress and singer who is also a famous Israeli influencer.

His signature look, a mop of curly hair, made him an It Boy for brands like Missoni, Moschino, and Vivienne Westwood.

These are the hottest Israeli influencers of the moment. Have you pressed the follow button yet?

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