7 Date Night Struggles All Single People Know to be True

For those of us who are single and in Greek life, we all know the struggle when date night comes around. Here are some of the many different scenarios single people deal with on date nights.

1. No one to invite.

Deciding who to invite is always a struggle when there is no immediate boyf/girlf to invite.

2. Deciding wether to ask your best friend or actually ask someone out.

Is trying to meet a new person and be social worth it?

3. Watching people making out.

Especially when you are in the middle of talking to them, it can be a little uncomfortable.

4. Being forced to take pictures of other people.

Your friends will take advantage of you being free from a couple photo-op.

5. If you actually go with a date--wondering the entire time if something will happen at the end of the night.

Is he into me? How do I leave without being rude?

6. Not knowing how drunk you're allowed to get.

Drunk enough to be chill without embarrassing yourself. Such a hard balance!

7. Dealing with the awkwardness of being set up with a stranger.

I literally just met you!

Even with the stress and awkwardness, date nights are an awesome way to have fun with friends or meet someone new. Whatever approach you choose to take, have fun!

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