The wait is almost over! "Riverdale" season three is just around the corner, and I can't wait to see what will go down the third time around. We've seen murder, we've seen mystery, we've even seen gang fights, but there are still some things that are missing.

Of course, there are things that we hope stay the same this season, like Betty and Jughead's sleuthing, Veronica's badassness, and Archie's abs.

So, what's in store for Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archie, and the rest of the gang?

Families have been broken, friendships have been ruined, and relationships have been tested. I'm sure this season will deliver with even more drama and suspense.

Grab your favorite milkshake and get ready for a list of all the things we hope to see in season three of the CW's most thrilling new show.

1. Jughead & Betty's feelings about their parents' relationship.

If you've seen the trailer for season three, then you know that FP and Alice get a bit closer this season. I personally would find it extremely awkward if my mom was sleeping with my boyfriend's dad, so I hope Betty reacts to this the way any teenage girl would. It should be interesting how these two handle it.

2. Hermione ditching Hiram.

I used to hate Hermione, but now I see that she is just being controlled by her crazy husband. I'm hoping this season that she finds the courage to get away from him once and for all.

3. More screen time for same-sex couples. 

Cheryl and Toni are the ultimate power couple, and I love the on-again-off-again relationship of Kevin and Moose. I'm hoping they showcase these pairs as much as they do with Betty and Jug and Veronica and Archie!

4. New music from the Pussycats.

Josie has left and gone back to her girl group so many times I can't even remember if they're still a group or not. Their lack of screen time in season two was just downright sad because I'm always down for a musical number.

5. A switch-up in the dating game.

Bughead is definitely end-game, but it's always fun to see couples go their separate ways for a little while. I still want to see Betty and Archie together, and why hasn't anyone dated Reggie yet?

 6. Sheriff Keller back on top.

Sure, there were some murders under his era of being sheriff, but that happens every day in "Riverdale". The man deserves justice and his job back!

7. What happened to Archie's parents, anyway? 

I need some more background as to why Fred and Mary are no longer together because they still seem to have a good relationship. I love Molly Ringwald! I hate that all she does is guest star; she needs to become a series regular.

Plus, Mary seems to be Archie's voice of reason, which is always much needed due to his antics.

8. More Kevin, please. 

Kevin makes some really hilarious comments and he is just so loveable. He deserves more screen time and a better story line! Seeing a little more of Reggie wouldn't hurt, either, especially because he's so good looking.

9. Hot Dads Save Riverdale, Part 2.

When FP, Fred, and Sheriff Keller saved Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe from a Ghoulie take over, it was just beautiful. They're the best looking dads I've ever seen. We need more!

10. Jug and Betty slaying at being Serpent King and Queen.

Isn't running your own gang together so romantic?

11. A "Sabrina" crossover episode.

The spinoff "Sabrina" series takes place right over the bridge in Greendale. Throwing some witchcraft into all of the "Riverdale" drama could be very interesting.

12. Betty and Archie rekindling their friendship.

These two have been best friends forever, but they've definitely fallen out of that over the course of season two. I hope the future of "Riverdale" has more heartwarming friendship moments between the two.

13. Has anyone checked on Smithers?

The Lodge's doorman was sent away and no one has heard from him ever since. We never even got an answer as to why he was banished from The Pembrooke, but we're hoping he comes back into play.

14. Chic's reappearance.

I have a strong feeling that Chic isn't dead and that he'll be coming back to stir up some trouble. I can't pinpoint if I like him or hate him, but it'd be super interesting to see how he escaped from The Black Hood.

 15. Maybe some, ya know, regular high school drama?

Love triangles. Bullies. Dealing with homework. Going to parties. ANYTHING.

The "Riverdale" gang is so used to dealing with murder and mysteries that I often forget they're high school students. Hopefully this season we can see them acting like normal teens for once!

I can hardly contain my excitement for the new season. Meet you at Pop's!