There Needs To Be An Official "No Social Media Day"

Have you ever just found yourself frustrated and tired of the grueling task of keeping up with social media on an everyday basis? Have you ever just repeated to yourself "Twitter or Instagram needs to chill"? Do you feel as if you need to quit social media?

I know and understand your struggle and I feel your pain, but I have a proposition. I feel there's a critical need of having an official day where people just turn off social media. I'm completely serious and I'm seriously contemplating of creating a petition for this.

If you're like me, then I know you get tired of opening your phone and seeing notifications the length of a 10-year-old's Christmas list from your social media certain days or even daily for some people. Sometimes it's not even related to you; it's just a couple of your followers' retweets or likes. It's really annoying when your phone is vibrating to the point of being measured as a 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale due to these notifications. I know you can put your phone on mute to delay notifications, but guess what? It's still going to be there when you turn it back on, so what's the point? You literally have to constrain yourself from yelling at your mobile device to "STFU!" when you're in class or at work.

Don't you get tired of losing at least two hours of your life constantly scrolling past videos, pictures, tweets and memes? At brief times before you post anything on social media, do you ask yourself that quick question of "Who really cares about my day or what I'm doing right now?" Is it really that life-threatening that you constantly have to live up to a fake expectation or reputation to entertain people you may or may not know or talk to every day? It makes me sick and gives me headaches thinking about irrelevant ways to keep people updated on my life. I could really care less about what people want to know and see from me. I also don't seek attention like that or force people to just to look at what I'm doing or know what I'm thinking at that moment. I really don't take social media seriously at all, and you shouldn't either.

Those are just my personal thoughts and frustrations, but social media shouldn't be taken as seriously as it is. Yes, they are platforms to voice your thoughts and feelings, but we seriously have abused that privilege. So I'm proposing we take at least a one day break from it so we can connect and interact with the real world. Be proactive with your day instead of letting it waste away reading hashtags or watching funny bloopers videos. You will be really impressed with how much you can accomplish when your social media isn't in the way. Most importantly, you can just relax and not be worried about the world because you're in your own world. Doesn't that idea sound nice?

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