I'm Sorry, But There Will Never Be More Than 2 Genders

So this is going to get a lot of negative backlash, and I'm aware of that. Though, I am going to promise you from the bottom of my little female heart that I am not writing this out of hate or conservative bigotry or Christian supremacy.

I am writing this because of science. More specifically, anatomy and biology even agree: you're a boy, or you are a girl. You have a penis, or you have a vagina.

Now, this isn't about transgender-ism. If you're male and want to identify as a female, and vice-versa, you do you. That's a completely different subject.

What I am getting at here is that a person cannot identify as something that does not exist. And yes, I did my research because I wanted to attempt to wrap my head around the idea that there are people out there half a bubble off plumb enough to think that they are something other than male or female.

What I stumbled upon was mind boggling. I read these so-called genders and their definitions, and I think my IQ dropped. These are not "genders" because "genders" are physical.

These are conceptions of life, personalities, disorders, and afflictions. Oh yes, I'm aware that those are hurtful words, and this is a "mean" article. I'm sure I will be told more than once "not to reproduce," and that Odyssey will be shamed for even publishing this, but it will have no effect on me, because I know I am correct.

Gender is not a matter of opinion; it's a scientific fact. Penis or vagina, vagina or penis? Pink or blue, not green, not purple.

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