I once saw a post that said seeing a therapist should be as normalized as seeing a doctor and I couldn't agree with it more.

There is such a stigma that is attached when someone says they go and talk to someone. In media, people that visit a therapist or psychologist are seen as crazy, unstable, and often times murderous. Talking to someone is not synonymous with being murderous or having a psychological break down and I wish that would change.

Think of a world where it was seen as normal to see a therapist and talk about feelings, issues, or just how life is going. People would be happier, it would be more widely accepted, and people wouldn't have that shame to admit that they see someone. Think of a world where someone felt all alone, felt as though they had no one, felt like they couldn't talk to anyone, and everyone told them how normal, accepted, helpful, and certainly not shameful it was to see a therapist.

I think there are two ends of the spectrum. There are individuals who are afraid to seek out a therapist or talk to their family about seeing one because they are afraid they will be seen in a certain light. These people go on to bottle their feelings and feel as though they have no one who they can vent unfiltered to. Then there is a spectrum of people who do seek therapy. Who are happy with their progress, yet feel ashamed or not confident in sharing their results. By doing so, others miss out on that normalization of, "Oh, they sought therapy and it really helped them. Maybe I can also give it a go."

Talking to someone about your feelings, mental health, or daily life is far from normal. We are social beings after all. Some people can't just openly talk to their family or friends comfortably and have to seek out a therapist for that unbiased open ear. Therapy can be so beneficial to anyone who feels they need that person who they can confide in. I'm sure for many it also helps that they are bound by law to keep it confidential.

I say screw the media. Screw the portrayal that anyone who sees a psychologist or therapist is seen as crazy or unstable. Screw the people who automatically judge you for confessing sometimes you just need that open ear. Screw the people that think it is abnormal.

Because it is so normalized to run to the doctor for literally anything, whether that be a stuffy nose, a chest cold, or even flu shots, why can't it be normalized to see doctors who are specialized in listening, evaluating, and developing plans that can improve upon an individual's life?