The truth about therapy is that we all need it. Whether your form of therapy is playing an instrument, writing, singing, playing a sport, or visiting a professional a few times a week, everybody needs something to help keep them grounded. We live in a society where vulnerability is a sign of weakness and we are encouraged to bury our emotions rather than deal with them. Essentially, we are told to "just keep swimming" no matter how much we need someone to throw us a life vest. We are expected to tread until we make it to the shore or tread until we let go and drown. Heres' how you keep treading.

Validate Your Feelings

Nobody can tell you how to feel. Therefore, no matter what you're going through never label yourself. You aren't weak, you aren't just imagining things, and you don't need to just let it go. It's crucial for you to acknowledge that your feelings are legitimate. I encourage you to do this by picking up your pen and writing things down. If you can't say it aloud at least put it down on paper; record it, get it out of your head and into the universe. Writing things down makes it all real for me because it means that it happened. When I individually break down my thoughts and record the feelings even I don't understand, I feel closer to myself and more whole when I un-assemble to reassemble. The first order of business is accepting an emotional state that society has deemed as abnormal.

Own Your Feelings

"Put your Pride aside and ride"... for YOURSELF. You owe it to yourself to seek help when you need it. So many people walk around today damaged and broken wearing a sign that says "I'm Fine". Stop pretending everything is OK when it's falling apart and seek help so you can rest. After confronting your feelings, its time for you to own them and consider possible solutions to help ease your situation. Replace that sign with one that says "Help Me". That boy or girl needs you. You gotta fight for yourself, fight for your life, fight because if you don't ride for you, who else will? Tuck your ego away, you need help and that is more than okay.


Whether you are a believer or non-believer in God, prayer will help get you through this time in your life, and it's something that you should try. It doesn't have to be a fancy letter to God with a lofty tone, he just wants you in your most authentic form. There have been extremely low points in my life when I go to God in prayer and can't even find the words to say, so I just call on his name. To anyone reading this, know that that's all you need to do. He already knows what you're going through, he knows how much pain you're in, and he knows what you need. He just wants you to acknowledge the fact that you need him. So after you become okay with being tired of treading even if others see it as a weakness, you can then put your pride aside and call out to the lifeguard, and then the lifeguard who was watching all along and knew that you needed help can finally interject and help you...he just needed you to ask.

Some days I feel happy, some days I feel confident, other days I feel empty and maybe even doubtful, some days I feel at peace within myself, and some days I feel lost in chaos, some days my heart aches from things in the past, and other days I am overjoyed about the future. My feelings are valid, my feelings are real, you're not crazy... this is called being human, we were meant to feel.