"Theatre Kid," a term used to describe many different walks of life joined together for the love of theatre. Maybe you have heard it, because many people, including myself, use this term to classify me into a very wonderful group of people

Us theatre kids come from all aspects of the social realm, and we represent many different things for a large group of people. We are athletes, friends, children, artists, directors, friends, and most of all, people who love theatre.

Not only do we work for months to only put on a handful of shows, but we love every second of it.

From rehearsal, tech week (before hell week, working on lighting and sound), hell week (week of the show where we practice till we bleed), to the final performance putting it on for the world to see.

A theatre kid has discipline, time-management, appreciation, and a joy for creating something to be presented to all who also appreciate the art.

Not only do theatre kids practice daily, memorise scripts, sing songs, dance, act, and remember when, where, how, and what to say. But we do it with a smile on our face (most of the time).

There is something so incredibly special walking on stage and taking your bow.

There is something amazing about every aspect of the show coming together for the joint purpose of creating art.

Many will say, "Theatre is the day something special happens."

They couldn't be any more right.

I was never into sports during my school career. I tried out softball, but I failed with dignity. When I never caught a ball and kept striking out--I knew it was time to find a different hobby.

Due to a common interest with the theatrical world, my first musical fell into my lap. A musical you may have heard called, "Oliver." Once I stepped on stage, saw the people and the lights--it became my home.

Years later, with 15 shows under my belt, I was able to get my "big break" in high school theatre. The role of "Martha Watson" in White Christmas. Sure, my voice gave out opening night, but with help from everyone and some hardcore lip-syncing, I was able to sing by next night's show.

It's crazy to think the power of theatre took everything out of me, but it is what exactly brought me to my knees being so grateful to have so many supportive people wishing me well.

Theatre kids have an incredible work ethic, and we can work with what is given to us. Our cooperation and encouragement we have is so immense it is a joy to be with the cast and crew daily.

Theatre is the day something so incredibly special happens.