The world of TV dashboards and their significance in the workplace
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The world of TV dashboards and their significance in the workplace

TV dashboards

The world of TV dashboards and their significance in the workplace

The workplace is one of the areas which have significantly evolved thanks to technology. The advantage is not limited to the workplace because media, especially the evolution of TVs, has changed in terms of shape, technology, functionalities, and even use.

The article focuses on the use of TV dashboards which might be a new term, but both TV and dashboards independently are familiar words. What is a TV dashboard? Dashboards have been used in the past for passing out information in organizations or departments using printed text covering aspects like performance and other aspects of the organization, which is crucial in operation. TV dashboards replace traditional dashboards and are TV screens in workplaces or in departments that are used to present essential performance indicators and metrics. Different TV display software replaces or limits unnecessary meetings for sharing documents and links, which cause interruptions in the workplace.

Adopting TV dashboards in the workplace has been motivated by their advantage, which includes encouraging, informing, and educating office members or small teams across different departments. TV dashboards can be used in various industries because they are a fantastic way of communicating with multiple members of the organization or department. Reports can be shared on a big screen for everyone to see. Technology has evolved to great lengths that performance which used to be done on a year or a monthly basis, can be done on a weekly or daily basis using different technologies and data collection points. The information presented on the TV dashboards can be processed using Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards specializing in data visualization and analysis. The critical performance metrics are displayed on the TV dashboards.

Difference between a dashboard and a TV dashboard

Collaboration and prioritization are the main differences between a dashboard and a TV dashboard. Regarding collaboration, a TV dashboard would be more effective than a dashboard circulated in DM or email. TV dashboards also replace the formal and unnecessary meetings, emails, and interruptions, and information presented in TV dashboards allows for team interaction.

Regarding prioritization, TV dashboards can present snapshot summaries of the crucial data in the whole organization or teams for analysis and discussion. The traditional dashboard, which would include circulating reports among groups, is complicated, and most teams would not understand. Still, TV dashboards allow for the sharing of critical reports, while detailed information can be shared using platforms like the shared power BI reporting tool on the Power BI desktop.

The benefits of TV dashboards

Adopting TV dashboards in the workplace has changed the workplace in many ways. Some of the benefits of TV dashboards include;

Engagement- TV dashboards allow for team engagement, leading to happier, more engaged, and healthier employees because the information needed to succeed in their jobs is provided. TV dashboards replace burdening and oversaturation with communication channels, which result in fatigue.

Motivation- TV dashboards can be used in different industries. Digital signage software allows access to powerful tools like free tech support, easy scheduling, and content designing, which can target the whole team to create a strong sense of competition which is essential in pushing the organization forward. There are different ways employers can motivate their employees. One way is putting on clear goals and objectives so that everyone understands to allow all stakeholders to work harder and faster towards achieving the goals and objectives.

Alignment- One thing about teamwork is it makes the dream of organization work. TV dashboards are primarily placed in shared workspaces, making goals and data transparent and clear to the whole team. The latter allows for the building of a correlation between the work of individual team members and the team, giving each member a visual presentation of their contribution to the organization's success.

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